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Hospital Corporation of America Finds Team Building Surprisingly Fun

Positive change through team building is serious business, but we think it can be fun, too. In fact, it works better that way!

The Hospital Corporation of America met us in Nashville for a round of charity team building activities. Just as planned, we ended up having a ton of fun while the group honed their team skills.

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Custom Charity Team Building- Always!

We respond to your customers’ requests. That’s what the initial consultation is for. It’s your chance to tell us what you want to achieve with your workshop. Goals range from developing communication skills to boosting morale after an troublesome event at work, to just plain having fun while you escape the office for a day.

For HCA, the goal was to have some fun. Ordered, prepared, and served up hot!

With Us, Team Building is Always Fun

Our primary function is to help groups like the one from Hospital Corporation of America build stronger teams. Our product is team building workshops that deliver a blueprint for ongoing positive change in the area of team building skills. Sounds serious, and it is. But they key to an effective workshop is that it’s fun.

When people are having fun, creative channels open up. That’s when people can try new things: communicating in better ways, opening up to sharing and collaboration, and more.

So, when HCA came to us with a goal of having fun, that didn’t pose any problem. No conflict whatsoever with our mission of helping groups build stronger teams.

HCA Goal Achieved, Boys and Girls Club Appreciative

It’s hard NOT to have fun while building donations together for a cause you all believe in. And who can’t get behind a great cause like the Girls and Boys Clubs of America?

The HCA wanted their donations to go to the BGC of Cool Springs, in the Middle Tennessee area. The Cool Springs chapter, along with four others in that region, help more than 2000 kids per year. Now, the Hospital Corporation of America is part of all that giving with their charity workshop donations they made during their time with us.

A group from the Boys and Girls Club of Cool Springs arrived, and with their leader made a wonderful impact on the HCA group. The group leader, Keyosha, made a speech to the participants, thanking them for their donations, and then the kids got their “prizes”.

Finally, thanks to the Marriott Cool Springs for hosting us with warmth and efficiency. Thank you to everyone involved: what a great day!