Why Teambuilding Matters to Carroll Management Group

The Carroll Management Group figured out why teambuilding matters long ago. That’s why they keep coming back to Magnovo for more workshop training.

In fact, we were invited back by a manager who’s worked with us a number of times in the past. She moved from Florida to Texas and wanted her new team to have the best teambuilding training possible. So naturally, she contacted us.

In her words:  I have participated in several Magnovo events with my company over the past several years and have relocated from FL to TX, where I was hoping to give some of my team here a similar experience.

Turned out that at least half of her colleagues in her Texas office were Magnovo alums and they were as stoked as she was about another session with us. They asked us to kick off a week of intensive training to help set the tone and the tempo for the rest of the week.

So we saddled up and headed to Dallas to work with 16 of their top managers. We were geared up to deliver a dynamic workshop experience full of positive energy.  

Community service is why teambuilding matters

Enlightened companies know that giving back to their communities boosts the bottom line and their goodwill.  A workshop like our Rescue Buddies is one of the best investments a company can make! Why? Because the return on the investment just keeps growing.

Rescue Buddies are stuffed animals assembled by workshop participants. Firefighters and police officers all over the country distribute them to traumatized children they encounter during a crisis. The 16 toys the Carroll Management Group made were donated to the Dallas Fire-Rescue Department.

Their representative, Evelyn Maddox was accompanied by their mascot Sparky the Rescue Dog, and he brought out “the kid” in all of us. But Maddox’s message was sobering as she explained how the toys were used at the scene of a traffic accident or the site of a fire.

The Carroll Management Group team fell silent as she explained exactly how the bears, birds, pigs, and fish they’d just made would help reassure 16 kids in the Dallas community.

Imagine a young child who’s just survived a fire or car crash. At such a terrifying moment their parents, who are the people they trust the most, aren’t there–injured or perhaps killed.

Instead, they’re confronted by a firefighter. Despite efforts to teach kids to trust firefighters–they’re strangers. Their gear, masks, and everything about them can be scary to a young child. The Rescue Buddies can be a bridge upon which the firefighters can begin to build trust.

Teambuilding from the heart

As the child clings to their new toy, they are reassured that they are now safe from physical harm and that they’ll be cared for. Rescue Buddies signal personal safety and psychological well being.

A charitable workshop like this is why teambuilding matters so much. The impact on the lives of children and others in the community can be transformed forever.

This message indeed struck home with our 16 participants! They gushed about how well prepare our facilitators were and how each activity enhanced their learning of new team skills. Our survey ratings were solidly 4-out-of-4 across the board.

Their feedback on our day in the Music City was definitely music to our ears.