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Wells Fargo Sends Care Packages to Soldiers in Iraq

To help support soldiers stationed in Iraq, Wells Fargo chose the Mission: Military Care workshop. Turns out it was a highly appropriate choice for several reasons!

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When employees from Wells Fargo met one day this summer for one of our charity team building workshops in San Francisco, the stars seemed to align. For starters, the weather was incredible. They’d chosen a park overlooking the gorgeous San Francisco Bay, and the views were amazing.

With an incredible location and beautiful weather, we were off to a good start. That’s always important when you’re putting groups through team building activities where they’re asked to think outside the box and try new things. A non-threatening environment is key!

The Charity Type Was Very Fitting, Too

Our charity team building workshop for the day with Wells Fargo was Mission: Military Care. Like every group who chooses this particular charity workshop, the Wells Fargo team wanted to help out our soldiers who were stationed overseas. Of course that’s relevant to everyone, but this time there was a very special reason why the military theme was so fitting.

One participant who was there that day had a son who was stationed in Iraq. She even had him connect with his higher-ups to see about accepting the donations from our workshop that day. Of course it was a “go”! The group was excited to be contributing to soldiers they felt they had a connection to.

We Do Customization

Usually, with the charity workshops we offer, we’re happy to make all the arrangements for donations to get to their proper destination. For Mission: Military Care, that means working with one of several organizations to get care packages sent overseas to a group of soldiers.

For example, we often work with a charitable organization called “Stars and Stripes” to coordinate the handling and shipping of the care packages.

But in this case, the Wells Fargo had a particular destination in mind. We’re happy to help along those lines, as well. Turns out the woman’s son had a great connection and the details were all sewn up on her end. Some groups need full coordination of donations with the charity group. Some already have a trusted partner. Either way, we’re happy to work to make it happen for the best outcome for all.

In this case, with Wells Fargo and the soldiers in Iraq, the outcome was perfect. The group came together, worked to build something meaningful. The soldiers were reminded that everyone back home was thinking of them. Stars (and stripes!) were certainly aligned that day.