Wells Fargo Really Puts is Money Where its Volunteers Are

Wells Fargo Really Puts is Money Where its Volunteers Are

Using volunteering as part of team building is just part of Wells Fargo’s vast Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) campaign, but it sure is an important one.  As an extension of their mission which includes putting people in homes with affordable mortgages, they sponsor a “Money for Muscle” program.  It’s a volunteer team building theme that works with their company values and serves the community as well.

Wells Fargo Really Puts is Money Where its Volunteers AreWells Fargo’s “Money for Muscle”

Charitable organizations (501c3) which support the development of homes for low-to moderate-income people can apply for grants from Wells Fargo, worth up to $30,000 in volunteer hours.

Where do the volunteers come from?  Wells Fargo employees, of course!

Where does Charity Team Building Events come in? Wells Fargo’s CSR division also offers smaller volunteer grants (worth $5,000) to any charitable organization which serves the military as well.  We’re proud to offer our Mission: Military Care team building workshop, which fits in nicely with the Wells Fargo team building theme of giving back to this segment of the population.

Wells Fargo Shares Our Vision

Wells Fargo has certainly cornered the market on developing a meaningful, full-fledged CSR program that fits their mission and their goals.  Noted in Forbes Magazine as “the bank that works” and ranked among the top 10 companies in the world based on profits and U.S. market value, Wells Fargo hasn’t let success go to their heads.  The values are clearly customer-driven, and one thing that makes happy customers is good service from happy employees.

Did you know that more and more, especially with millennial, working for a company that has a solid program of corporate social responsibility in place makes a huge difference?  Of course here at Charity Team Building Events we share that vision too- after all, we are the experts in helping companies develop happy, productive employees… teamwork!

Help Our Military By Partnering with Wells Fargo or Charity Team Building Events

Scheduling a Mission: Military Care team building workshop means your company will be sending donations to our military.  Workshop leaders guide your group through exercises and activities designed to improve and build upon participants’ teamwork skills.  They also work together on this team building theme to assemble care packages for our overseas military…Holiday boxes, treats, personal care items…whatever the season calls for, those boxes can be customized to fit the occasion.

To distribute the care boxes, Charity Team Building Events partners with groups like:

  • Operation Shoebox
  • Operation Gratitude
  • Wounder Warrior Project

These nationally recognized groups ensure that your company’s donations make it to the the courageous men and women who serve in our military.  So even if your company is not a charitable organization, you can still help out the military and join Wells Fargo in their quest.