Wells Enterprises is All About Fun and Giving Back

When your business is bringing joy to everyone who loves ice cream, of course your mission is all about having fun, even while giving back! That’s why our Rescue Buddies™ Charity Workshop was the perfect fit for Wells Enterprises: it’s a fun way to give back to your surrounding neighborhood and the community that supports you.

Wells Enterprise’s ‘Mission Win’

Our workshop event was worked into the schedule of a three-day National Sales Meeting for Wells Enterprises. The conference was located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where they’d just opened up a new division. We were on hand this summer for that event. The theme of the national meeting was “Mission Win”. We were on board for that!

Wells Enterprises

The people attending were from across the US with the majority being from Iowa where the company’s headquarters are located. Many of the attendees were from the new offices in Minneapolis, too. Others would be traveling from all over.

They were also bringing in different sales groups from the company: for example Walmart, Grocery East, West, and Central, Alternative Channels, Foodservice, then some groups from Finance, HR, etc. As you can see, it was a very diverse group!

The people within the groups knew each other well. However, those from the different areas might not have worked with each other before. Now you can see why there was an emphasis on having fun: it was partly a networking event, especially for those just joining the company.

Workshop Activities are Fun (But With a Purpose)

One fun ice breaker we did with the group was a custom activity: we went around the room and shared specifically how each person brings joy to their role at Wells. The group had a lot of fun with this, and it served to help participants get to know one another, too.

Feedback from Blue Bunny

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of enjoying Blue Bunny ice cream, then you know the joy that Wells Enterprises brings to the world. Blue Bunny is one of their brands, along with the frozen novelties sold through the Weight Watchers program. No wonder their mission is all about fun!

The Marquette Hotel was a gorgeous spot to hold our workshop, and the day ended with the great feeling that comes from working together, having fun, and giving back. Wells Enterprises donated their Rescue Buddies™ to the Ronald McDonald House, the Eden Prairie Fire Department, and Children’s Hospital.