We Help RGA Reinsurance Break in Their New St Louis Facility with a Rescue Buddies Workshop

RGA Reinsurance in St. Louis, Missouri is growing and we were honored they once again chose us to help them along the way!

An evening workshop followed a beautifully catered dinner in their brand new facility, making the night special for everyone.

They chose Rescue Buddies for their charity team building workshop, and in all 75 of the critters were assembled and donated. The receiving organization was a local fire department, which was able to send representatives to the workshop for a final donation ceremony everyone enjoyed.

The Highlight Activity

RGA-Reinsurance-Rescue-Buddies-Stuffed-Animal-Team-Building-St-Louis-MissouriOur multi-part “commercial” activity has participants drawing upon a rich variety of team work skills to produce team commercials for products they invent. Demonstrating negotiation and communication skills, participants in each group take on roles such as writer, director etc to produce their own commercials, which of course turn out to be hilariously creative and actually in the case of the RGA employees…very creative!

A Great Tradition…

In what’s become one of our traditions, the final event of the charity workshop is often a ceremony where representatives from the receiving organization not only show up to formally receive the donated items…but also to share their experiences and how donations make a difference in the real world.

With our RGA Reinsurance group, we certainly had a wonderful final ceremony, where fire fighters were gracious enough to give us their time and tell how the Rescue Buddies are a real help to them when comforting children in times of need.