Virginia Premier Health Plan, Inc

Virgina Premeir Health Plan Returns with Reinforcements for Hosptial Helper’s Workshop in Richmond, VA

Some companies never get tired of honing their teamwork skills and giving back to their community. This was the case when we staged our second charity workshop with the team from Virginia Premier Health Plan within a week. They came into the proceedings with a lot of energy and everyone left the Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens a winner.

Virginia Premier Health Plan, IncExtra Participants Made for a Better Workshop

This was a Hospital Helpers Workshop we held for 65 participants from Virginia Premier Health Plan. We’d staged a successful Bike-a-Thon with a portion of this group the week before, so we had great expectations for the 40 or so extra participants they brought along this time. And fortunately for everyone, they fulfilled our high expectations magnificently.

Rainy weather made us bring our event indoors at the last minute, but thanks to our experienced facilitators and Virginia Premier’s dedicated team, we got everything started smoothly. Another unexpected change happened when the Virginia Premier “veterans” convinced us to play Flip the Cup instead of the activity we had planned.

This was fine by us! As facilitators, we know it’s crucial to remain flexible if we’re truly going to answer to our clients’ changing and specific needs. Besides, we can’t very well go around the country preaching the value of teamwork if we’re not going to be willing to adapt. Not to mention that it turned out to be fantastic idea anyway, one that got everyone even more charged up and ready to grow as a team.

Wonderful Care Packages for The Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU

We also changed the way we divided up the teams for the Hospital Helpers Workshop, going with larger groups of 10-12 than the smaller ones we had planned. This turned out really well also, as the leadership and enthusiasm of these larger teams helped everyone tear through the activities that “earned” the items for the care packages.

That’s what our Hospital Helpers Workshop does. It brings different kinds of coworkers together as team to assemble care packages for hospital patients. The folks from Virginia Health Plan chose to give their packages to The nearby Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU. And after a very full day of skill building and giving, this deserving organization reaped the benefits of everyone’s growth.