Verizon Wireless managers build 180 stuffed animals for Nashville children

When Verizon Wireless wanted to add a philanthropic twist to a management meeting in Nashville, they turned to us for our Rescue Buddies workshop.

With 180 store managers, district managers, and regional managers coming together from North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee, the goal was to work on teamwork and communication, while tying it all together with fun activities.

Verizon-Wireless-Rescue-Buddies-in-Nashville-Small-GroupWe designed specific activities focused around clear communication and understanding that our actions after the message have to be consistent with the message. If we say one thing and do another, our people will be confused by our direction and also lose confidence with our integrity. Our message and our actions have to be the same to be able to move people in the direction that will give them the confidence in us as leaders.

Another huge hit was having each team prepare and deliver a 30 second commercial, while combing use of props and the items that would be used to assemble the stuffed animals . The teams were judged on their ability to come together as a team, their originality, enthusiasm, creatively using the props provided, and using every person in the commercial.

Verizon-Wireless-Rescue-Buddies-in-NashvilleThe winning team used every person on the team in a very creative way, and said the key to their success was that everyone on the team had input on the commercial. The direction was not dominated by any one or two people, so they all felt as if they had a chance to participate in the process and not just be told what to do.

With two separate sessions during the morning and afternoon, Verizon assembled and donated over 180 Rescue Buddies to the Bridges Domestic Violence Center here in Nashville.