Atlanta Charity Team Building Center For Family Resources

Verizon Wireless Benefits Local Kids With Atlanta Charity Team Building

When Verizon Wireless wanted a fun exercise for their team that wasn’t job-related, but would let them work together, get to know each other better and do something good for someone else, they called us in to deliver an Atlanta charity team building event with our Wagon Builders workshop.

This is a small group that has three rather different functions but all of them support the South Area Training Staff of approximately 270 people in various ways. Some participants office together, some are remote, and they only come together at most once a year. They traveled in from Houston, Tampa, Nashville and the Atlanta area. Since their time together is limited, a Wagon Builders team building activity was the perfect blend of engaging and building camaraderie while giving back to the local community.

Atlanta Charity Team Building Center For Family Resources The Center for Family Resources was very grateful for the donation of wagons overflowing with items for the families they assist. They offer an array of programs including training residents of low income communities to work together to address neighborhood issues, provide financial assistance for basic needs to stabilize low income families in crisis situations and prevent homelessness, and job training.

The event, held at the Renaissance Midtown Atlanta, was the perfect three hour diversion to break up two days of meetings. We realize there are a lot of outstanding experts in the field of team development. And our clients know there is a difference between various levels of “team building” and team development. There are many recreational, hoorah-type team building events that may include crazy Olympics or raft building. These team building activities focus more on socialization and fun. The types of team development programs we choose to offer have more meat on the bone, and this Atlanta charity team building workshop was no exception!

The activities in any team development program – even recreational based – will surface insights about a group, its individuals or the company. The key for a professional facilitator is being able to take these insights and create a plan for application.
Comments from the Wagon Builders team included things like:

“Being able to work together as a team to accomplish building the wagon and completing other activities was so important. GREAT facilitator, job well done!”
“The ice breaker activity at the beginning got everyone in the right mood to interact. It felt good to donate the wagons and items to a group that could use them.”
“One of the most valuable things was the team aspect – reaching across to the other team, seeing others as a resource. It was great to meet those our wagons were going to.”

Atlanta Charity Team Building Happy GroupThat’s why they’ve chosen us because we don’t just have a lot of fun, we ask the tough questions like, “What are we going to do differently on Monday morning based on what we have experienced here today?” Otherwise it’s just an event, and team development truly needs to be part of a process. Our clients realize that, it’s what they’re striving for, and that’s why they invite us to design and deliver programs for them.

By the end of this Atlanta charity team building event the participants expressed their appreciation to their leadership for allowing them to participate in this workshop, and to us for pulling it off without a hitch.  If you’re looking to schedule a team building event for your team in, contact us today and let us show you how we can make you successful!