TVC Communications; Mission Military Care Workshop Delivers for Local Vets

TVC Communications invited Magnovo back for a second time after we did a Bike-A-Thon™ for them several years ago . The participants were hoping to improve workplace communication strategies while helping local veterans.

TVC Communications Supports the Heart of Florida United Way

The company decided to break up a week-long training and development conference with a Mission: Military Care™ workshop at the Rosen Centre Hotel. Everyone was very excited to do something positive for someone else, especially

America’s veterans. The idea hit close to home for several participants, who were themselves veterans. We arranged for Laura Whitfield from the Heart of Florida United Way to attend the workshop herself and be on-hand to accept the donated care packages. We’re grateful she was able to do so. To have someone from the organization we’re helping be there to see the hard work of a Mission: Military Care™ program in action really motivates participants.

Getting Down to Work in Orlando, FL

Folks were pretty energetic and outgoing as they’d just finished lunch. During our overview of the four primary personality types and how they work together, several folks called out the names of people they knew who exhibited those qualities . Because it was a close-knit group that had worked together for some time, it was fun to be among people who knew each other that well and enjoyed that kind of fun and casual relationship. Once it was time to arrange folks into teams, though, the gloves came off. These teams played to win. They were highly competitive and creative, so much so that one team insisted on a re-count of points awarded (which has never happened before!).

Each game we played highlighted key elements of personality types and encouraged teamwork to utilize those strengths.

Winning teams earned items for care packages. Once teams earned all the items, we got to work packing backpacks for vets. We had dozens! People worked hard and truly flexed those communication and teamwork skills. We finished in record time, and so we invited participants to write well wishes and tuck those notes into the backpacks for veterans to read.

TVC Communications Donations Bring Smiles and Joy

The TVC Communications stepped back to see how much they accomplished in two hours’ time. There were dozens of backpacks and lots of cheers and applause as we called time on packing the bags. We invited Ms. Whitfield to say a few words and she thanked everyone profusely. As a veteran herself, she said she keenly understood just what the returned vets were going through, and having care packages to share with them would go a long way in helping with ordinary needs. All the participants congratulated each other on a job well done, and Ms. Whitefield too, on her work and that of the United Way in helping vets.