TJX Companies Gets Creative Building Wagons for Kids

The corporate giant that brings us TJ Maxx and BJ’s Wholesale Club, TJX Companies, scheduled a Wagon Builders™ charity workshop with us this Fall. We think they do great things by offering families affordable clothing and household items. This day, however, they were all about doing great things in a different way: by giving back.

TXJ Companies Gives Back

TJXOur Wagon Builders™ charity team building workshop is for groups who want to give back to the local community without sacrificing team building efforts. The way we design our workshops, groups get both!

While you may choose to focus more heavily on the charitable aspect of our charity workshops, there’s always team building worked into everything we do. In fact, participants don’t really think about the team building aspect because they’re focused on working together to do good things for the charity they’ve chosen to work with.

Annie’s House

The group from TJX Companies chose Annie’s House as their charitable organization to work with. The territory served by Annie’s House stretches all the way from Worcester, MA to the same neck of the woods north of Boston where TXJ headquarters is located.

This organization helps women and children in several ways, the most important of which is by providing affordable housing. That’s why it makes so much sense for the donations from a Wagon Builders™ workshop to go to a place like Annie’s House. It’s all about helping kids and their families with basic household supplies and (sometimes) fun items or seasonal items.

 We Customized a Trivia Game for TJX

Since this is a team building workshop, we like to challenge the groups in fun ways that test their skills. One such way is by holding a trivia game activity. We make it more fun and company-focused by customizing the trivia questions around the company itself. It’s a great way to add a new dimension to team building.

The lawyers, paralegals and other legal staff from TJX did a fantastic job with the trivia game. They nailed every activity we had for them, actually! The final touch was the wagon assembly, followed by the creation of decorations for the wagons so they were personalized when the families at Abbie’s House received them. They then got to present their wagons to the other groups and it was fun to compare the different ways in which groups thought to decorate their wagons. Everyone agreed it was a great workshop with a great mission and a great way to spend an afternoon.