Time Warner Gives Back in Charlotte With a Little Help from our Puttin’ Pantry Workshop

Time Warner turned to us to help them give back to the Charlotte Rescue Mission with our Puttin’ Pantry charity team building workshop

Time Warner Cable has a large presence in Charlotte, North Carolina. From the Time Warner Cable Arena to corporate offices, they’re a well-known factor in Charlotte’s community. That’s why, when they came to us for their corporate event they asked for a team building workshop which allowed them to give back to their community.

The Charitable Organization

Puttin-Pantry-Team-Building-LogoWe suggested Puttin’ Pantry, a charity workshop that weaves team building activity together with charitable work to benefit a charitable organization of choice.

In this case, the participants chose the Charlotte Rescue Mission as recipients of donations gathered during the workshop.

The Participants & Their Goals

Participants were leaders from the Time Warner Commercial Engineering and Operations group, led by Vice President Magesh Srinivasan. The workshop goal was understanding the benefits of camaraderie and personal relationships in the work place.

How it Went

As always, there’s an icebreaker activity (or two) to get the juices flowing and loosen everyone up so they’re ready to work. In the case of our TWC workshop, the day began with a competitive series of activities (friendly atmosphere of course!) designed to draw on participants’ creativity and collaboration skills.

Groups were given the pleasant yet challenging task of developing a unique product, then creating a commercial for it. Resources were limited and the final presentation of completed work was highly entertaining for everyone.

The second half of the event was filled with action as the group entered the Puttin’ Pantry phase of the day. This is a multi-stage event that begins with teams working through various puzzles & obstacles in order to earn food products and other helpful items which would later become their donations.

Boxed and canned food items were then used to build nine putting holes- each of the nine teams designed and built their own, collaborating in new ways and polishing their team work skills along the way.

The room was then transformed into a mini-golf course with participants “testing” the course. Scores were kept and votes were taken for the favorite putting hole, adding to the energy in the room. By the end of the event, these engineers and upper management were laughing and cheering each other on as they made their way through the course.

Time-Warner-Gives-Back-To-Charlotte-Rescue-MissionAt the end, the food was gathered and presented to the Charlotte Rescue Mission, who would later distribute it to the city’s most needy citizens. The CRM has a long term success rate helping families affected by substance abuse, one that’s unmatched in Charlotte for the work they do. Everyone, including our facilitator, was happy to be able to support the Charlotte Rescue Mission as they strengthened their collaboration skills for the future!