This Summer, Medtronic Gave Back in Multiple Ways

Most of our charity team building workshops match our corporate clients with a charitable organization. They build donations, then get to meet some of the recipients at the end of the day. Medtronic decided to up the ante and donate to multiple charities!

Here we were in Minneapolis once again, meeting up with a group from Medtronic. A favorite workshop customer of ours, we always love making our way out to their headquarters for another round of charity team building. But this time there was a new twist.

Medtronic Decides Just One Charity Wasn’t Enough

We always love helping our corporate clients build bridges in the community. There’s an energy of spirit that you can almost see during our charity workshops when the groups get together to make donations. It’s because they’re all working for positive change- and all that positive energy is quite palpable!

So imagine the energy when it’s donating to not just one charity but a handful of them! Over the course of three days this summer in Minneapolis, we helped Medtronic give back to multiple charitable organizations… and it was great fun!

Rescue Buddies™ is a Great Way to Build Community Connections

One of the reasons we find our jobs so fulfilling is because it’s so rewarding to see companies like Medtronic building bridges in their communities. Of course the way Medtronic chose to do their custom workshop, with multiple charities, there was a multiplier effect on that reward!

With a Rescue Buddies™ workshop like the ones Medtronic groups completed, you’re usually building connections with local first responders. Sometimes it’s the kids themselves, though- all depending on which charitable organization you’ve chosen to work with. Or, in the case of Medtronic, which charitable organizationS you’ve chosen to work with!

These Donations Aren’t Anonymous

One of the great special touches we’re proud of with Rescue Buddies™ is the creation of “birth certificates”. Each bear the group assembles for the kids comes with a “birth certificate”. The workshop participants exercise their creativity in writing these up so each bear has a distinct personality.

That way, when kids get their Rescue Buddies™, they know they’ve been created with love by someone who cares for them. That’s the whole purpose of Rescue Buddies™, by the way: to let kids know that people care about them, even during times of stress.

See You Next Year!

The groups from Medtronic said they were already looking forward to next year’s workshop. Guaranteed, so are we!