Virginia Premier Health Plan

The Virginia Premier Health Plan Teams Builds Bikes For Kids in Richmond, VA

The team of executives from Virginia Premier Health Plan came into our Bike-A-Thon Charity workshop knowing exactly what they wanted to accomplish. A non-profit in Richmond that serves underprivileged groups in the area, Virginia Premier wanted their executives to draw upon one another’s strengths more efficiently and give even more back to the community!

Virginia Premier Health PlanWe design and execute challenging workshops for teams every day, but we still knew we’d need to bring our A game to pull off activities to challenge this ambitious and intelligent. Judging from the results and the smiles afterward, it seemed like our facilitators were up to the task.

A Bike-A-Thon on the Historic VCU Campus was the Perfect Way to Give Back

This turned out to be an extremely satisfying workshop. It gave us a chance to work with some very smart people whose desire to develop better teamwork and benefit the community was quite apparent. There were 25 executives involved in the workshop, which we did on the patio of the historic Valentine Museum right on the VCU campus. And even though it was a hot, sunny day out there, the Virginia Premier Health Plan team performed admirably, bringing a warm but competitive edge to each part of the workshop.

We started things out with Air Counting and a few quick mini games. These went very well, with everyone pitching in and communicating well. The executives came into the workshop already equipped with good teamwork skills, so it was very gratifying for us to see them improve as the day wore on.

Everyone Went Home Happy, Including the Kids from The Boys and Girls Club of Metro Richmond

The Virgina Premier Health Plan executives worked well together all afternoon as well, assembling the bikes with the same dedication and intelligence that they brought to the morning activities. Some of this was just the inherent pride they obviously take in their work, but there was also the added incentive of donating the bikes to The Boys and Girls Club of Metro Richmond.

The fact that the Boys and Girls Club was actually able to send three children over to accept the bikes gave the workshop an added dimension of satisfaction. This satisfaction was apparent in the children’s smiles and the proud looks of the team of executives. It felt good on our end as well to know we’d helped both our clients and the community.