The Need For Corporate Social Responsibility at Rittal North America

Rittal North America understands the need for corporate social responsibility. In fact, they built much of their business model around it.  

Family-focused values

Right from the start, the need for corporate social responsibility was clear.

In 1961 the parent company started in Germany as the family-run Friedhelm Loh Group. For 50 years corporate social responsibility has been a top priority. As stated on their website, “We are aware of our responsibility to the environment and society in which we live. We want, therefore, to take part in shaping and improving it!”

Subsidiary Rittal North America, aka Rittal NA, has become a standard bearer in electrical enclosures. They serve companies in renewable energies, electrical engineering and automation, information technology,  transport technology, and mechanical engineering.

The company has raised the bar in the design and manufacture of  “….industrial and IT enclosures, racks, and accessories. This includes high efficiency, high-density power management, and climate control systems for industrial, data center, outdoor and hybrid applications,” according to their website.

Their U.S. headquarters is based on a sprawling campus in Chicago. And as a testament to the quality of the corporate culture at Rittal NA, they were voted one of the best places to work in Illinois in 2017!

Team bonding reinforces the need for corporate social responsibility

Rittal NA invited Magnovo to join them for their national sales conference in Houston. Our team building training and workshop were the grand finale.

We met 140 staffers—mostly male engineers—at the Marriott Houston North to conduct one of our favorite events, a Bike-A-Thon Charitable Team Building Workshop.

They formed teams and “competed” for the tools and components each team needed to assemble their bikes. In the process, they practiced using some of the communications and collaborative skills we’d discussed earlier. At the end of the day, we had 20 brand new bikes, and a number of new friendships among the Rittal NA staffers.

Community goodwill and the need for corporate social responsibility

Rittal NA has a long tradition of community service. Their employees take the idea of being good corporate neighbors very seriously. So they were thrilled to donate the 20 bikes to the Houston Area Urban League.

The Houston Area Urban League, or HAUL, is devoted to economic and social empowerment of African Americans in the Houston area. It continues a noble mandate that started in 1910 which includes job training, health and wellness programs, and education and youth development initiatives.

Magnovo and Rittal NA considered it a privilege to partner with HAUL in honoring this legacy.