Johnson and Johnson

The Johnson and Johnson Workshop in Somerset, NJ Was A True Work of Art

The people from Johnson and Johnson achieved several important goals over the course of this Big Picture Workshop. We could tell they were eager to learn and grow from the very beginning, especially once we broke the ice with a few ‘warm-up’ games. In addition to elevating their teamwork skills to a brand new level, the Johnson and Johnson team also succeeded into painting two murals that would someday adorn the hallways of a deserving hospital.

Johnson and JohnsonA Big Picture Workshop Makes a Great Team Even Better

We staged this Big Picture workshop in a luxury hotel called the Palace of Somerset. Johnson and Johnson sent a group of 75 people, many of whom we’d already worked with the previous fall at highly successful WheelCharity Workshop. Although this group has a lot of different personality types, it’s obvious that they enjoy working with another and have learned to turn their differences into a positive. As a result, it was our job to guide them through the next level of growth and productivity.

This was a big group, so we divided them into twelve teams and got things going quickly. They didn’t require much in the way of ‘warm-up’ activities, so we played quick rounds of the icebreaker games Quick Change and Cooperative Cup Pyramid before launching directly into the main event. For this team, the Big Picture Workshop was intended to teach them even more subtle nuances to add to their teamwork repertoire. They had already achieved impressive levels of team unity, so now all they needed was a little boost.

Teamwork is Easier When It’s For An Organization like The Foundation For Hospital Art

For the rest of the workshop, each of the twelve teams painted individual panels that we eventually combined into a pair of murals to donate to the Foundation for Hospital Art. This is a fantastic organization that has been beautifying hospital walls with paintings since 1975. The wonderful work this foundation does was all the extra motivation the Johnson and Johnson folks needed to come together masterfully.

The end results were truly amazing. We ended up with two cheery murals to donate to the Foundation and the Johnson and Johnson team left the workshop prepared to take their new level of cohesion back to the office. As facilitators, we couldn’t have asked for a better or more affirming experience that what we had with this team. And judging by the positive comments we heard, they got as much out of the workshop as we did.