The Impact of Charitable Teambuilding at Charles Schwab

Charles Schwab knows firsthand the impact of charitable teambuilding on a company’s profit margin and its standing in the community. They recently invited Magnovo to strengthen both by conducting one of our most dynamic workshops for some disabled veterans.

Everybody knows that when it comes to investing, Charles Schwab is a household name. But a lot of people may not know the length and strength of their track record as good corporate neighbors.

Charles Schwab has invested, lent, or granted nearly $2 billion for affordable housing through its Housing Partnership Equity Trust. And they’ve committed more than $61 million in small businesses and job creation through their Community Development Financial Institution. They’ve also invested in our youth by contributing $5 million toward financial literacy and wealth building.

Charles Schwab specializes in banking, money management, securities, brokerage, and financial advisory services. Their total client assets top $3.48 trillion, and their  18,700 employees honor the company’s mandate to “…put the client first.” They work to keep their clients at the heart of all they do.

The mandate of charitable teambuilding

We led 65 of their employees on a discovery of the impact of charitable teambuilding at their headquarters in Lone Tree Colorado. We reinforced our discussions of leadership qualities, communications, and collaborative skills during our WheelCharity Workshop.

In small teams, they built 10 wheelchairs for donation to the Mountain States Chapter of the Veterans of America. Nearly 4 million American veterans suffer service-related disabilities. This organization helps veterans with spinal cord injury disease in Colorado, Montana, Utah, and Wyoming. They reach out to them, visit them in the hospital, and build relationships with VOA members, families, and caregivers.

Everyone was in high spirits during the friendly competition between teams while assembling the wheelchairs. During the presentation of their gifts to the charity, the mood changed as the Charles Schwab participants realized how vital those gifts were.

The immeasurable impact of charitable teambuilding

A hush fell over the room as a paralyzed veteran delivered one of the most inspiring messages we’ve ever heard at any of our workshops.

His patriotic service in the Middle East resulted in life-altering injuries. He said, “You don’t just lose the use of your legs. You lose your mobility. You lose your confidence. You lose your identity. You lose your hope. Things that you folks take for granted like going to the restroom, or even rolling over in bed are things that I need help with.”

He said more than 40 people worked with him to get him back physically, psychologically, but the wheelchair was the real vehicle he needed to get on the road to recovery.

He choked up describing the significance of these 10 wheelchairs in the lives of the disabled veterans who were about to begin a new journey in their lives. 

By giving these wheelchairs, you’re helping these people start to rollThey’re going to roll into their future. They’re going to roll into confidence and restore their identity. The journey will be difficult, but it’ll be possible now.”

Most of us were speechless after this presentation. But in the end, everyone more fully understood the impact of charitable teambuilding.

They also appreciated the overall training experience. Our feedback included comments like these:

  • The teambuilding exercise in which we build wheelchairs for disabled veterans was inspiring.
  • I enjoyed the team activities and building the wheelchairs for a good cause.
  • I valued the opportunity to work with colleagues from different locations and teams.
  • Overall, it was well-balanced throughout.

They all confirmed Magnovo’s conviction that the impact of charitable teambuilding and corporate social responsibility work hand in glove.