Your team can channel their inner Picaso, Cezanne, Van Gogh, or Monet while learning about their personality style. Are you an admirer of Impressionism, Surrealism, Expressionism or Cubism?

Learn why it is so important to have various styles in your workforce to create a masterpiece team of success.

Have you ever signed your name with your non-dominant hand?  Or crossed your arms opposite of the way that is normal and comfortable?

Stretch activities like this stimulate different parts of the brain.

Tapping into the creative side of the brain that many people don’t exercise very often, The Big PictureTM uses a variety of creative collage materials – but no paint!  No canvas, no drying time and no messy spills on the meeting room carpet!

  • Overcome fear of sharing new ideas
  • Overcome challenge of letting go of ideas
  • View team members as creative resources
  • Practice exercising your creativity

This workshop is a great way to learn more about each other and how each person brings their own unique and valuable “texture” to your big picture team.When it comes to creativity, there are no bad ideas.

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Find the courage to put your idea out there.  It might become scrap, and that scrap might be the valuable nugget someone else is looking for! Each workshop is custom designed around your corporate themes or initiatives and your workshop will be completed with The Big PictureTM masterpiece ready to hang.

NOTE: Charity Team Building Events Training Group will donate a selection of art supplies with each The Big PictureTM to further art programs in your community and continue creativity in our future leaders.

We welcome the opportunity to partner with your local charitable organizations or the National Gallery of Art.

Past Clients

My team was amazed at the practical information provided in your Campfire Leadership workshop – things they can use professionally and personally.
The most valuable part of the workshop was that the managers learned the different communication styles of their colleagues. You could see light bulbs going off throughout the day as people realized why interactions with their peers occurred the way they did.
The facilitator was able to keep things moving and with such a large group he was able to keep them engaged!
Yesterday was magical! It was also productive, fun, educational and interesting. You have a true talent with people; breaking down their initial discomfort and hesitation, and bringing them out of their inhibitions with laughter and excitement.
Kaiser Permanente
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