How a Teddy Bear Workshop Can Speak Volumes to Millennials

How a Teddy Bear Workshop Can Speak Volumes to Millennials

Managers spend a lot of time figuring out how to connect with Millennials in the workplace- so what can a stuffed animal workshop do to help?

How a Teddy Bear Workshop Can Speak Volumes to Millennials

It can actually do a lot, according to a 2015 white paper put out on what makes Millennials tick.  The Center for Generational Kinetics and Barnum Financial Group published the paper last year, and it not only reveals generalities about Millennials in the workplace, it offers insight on how managers and leaders can keep Millennials engaged so they stay longer at their jobs and do a better job while they’re there.

The following advice is from Tracy Benson, who heads a business consultancy.  Her advice was published in the Harvard Business Review.

Advice on engaging Millennials.

According to the white paper mentioned above, an astonishing 60% of Millennials say they chose their current workplace because it gave them a sense of purpose.

That means companies that somehow address social responsibility are attractive to Millennials.  That works great for humanitarian organizations or law firms invested in helping out the disenfranchised, but what about the rest of us?

That’s easy, of course: companies can express their social mission through charitable events, giving, and other forms of indirect corporate social responsibility.  Leaders should, in Ms. Benson’s words:

Create a deeply compelling vision of what the company or team is contributing to society.”

Tracy Benson, CEO of On the Same Page

And to get Millennials truly involved in those initiatives, don’t just write a check to a charity.  Get everyone involved.

And here’s where the stuffed animal workshop comes in…didn’t you see it coming?

A teddy bear workshop to engage your Millennials.

All our charity team building workshops are focused on getting teams actively involved in your company’s social mission.  We use hands-on activities designed to build team skills and to lead your team through a process that not only strengthens their teamwork but also helps them make the world a better place.

Our teddy bear workshop, in particular, also helps build connections with local communities.  Teams assemble teddy bears and they go to local first responders who use them to comfort kids in distress.  We often have the team meet a rep from the receiving charity, so it’s also about building bridges with those in your neighborhood.

As Ms. Benson put it, “Leaders will benefit from creating opportunities for employees to participate in personally meaningful initiatives.”  Our teddy bear workshop fits the bill and builds your team as well.