Teamwork Activities with Washtenaw Federal Credit Union


Our Washtenaw Federal Credit Union Bike-a-Thon teamwork activities brought out the “inner child” in everyone. Our facilitator never had so much fun! Oh, and so did our clients!

The 25 participants represented the entire Washtenaw  FCU staff, along with their 6 board members. From Millennials to octogenarians: to call them a multigenerational group is a serious understatement.

Washtenaw is an Ojibwe variant on the name of the Grand River. We met them near that river at their Ann Arbor Michigan office. It was a crisp clear banker’s holiday—Columbus Day—which is made for fun.

Fun is fundamental!

This was our first opportunity to be part of their annual meeting and traditional team building activities. It was also our first time witnessing so many elderly citizens with so much energy and enthusiasm.

We were bowled over! I guess when people are having fun, it levels the playing field so that education, professional status, and age simply don’t matter.

While all of the teamwork activities are fun, they’re also serious tools for professional development. The personality type training helps coworkers understand each other better and this makes communicating and collaborating easier.

All of these skills were tested as the Washtenaw crew assembled 6 bikes to donate to charity. Split into small teams, they collaborated, strategized, and coordinated their efforts to build their bikes quicker than other teams.

Magnovo facilitators figured it out ages ago: people learn faster when they’re having fun. The Washtenaw staffers finished in record time and had an incredibly great time doing it.

Teamwork activities and charitable giving

The only thing better than having a phenomenal time is making a phenomenal difference in someone else’s life!

We donated our hot-wheeling bikes to the Hope Clinic, which makes a tremendous difference in the lives of hundreds of patients in Ypsilanti.

Started in 1982, the Hope Clinic offers free healthcare to the uninsured and underinsured. Thanks to grants, private donations, and an army of clinical volunteers, they provided almost a million dollars in medication and medical treatments last year.

Hope Clinic offers help and hope to patients from lab work and x-rays to dental care and prescription coverage. They operate a food pantry and a farm stand full of fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as offering access to free laundry service.

The Hope Clinic representative was overwhelmed by our generosity and was eager to pass on the bikes to 6 excited youth. There was only thing more heartfelt than his comments: those of the Washtenaw staff. 

One Washtenaw lady came up at the end and said, “I’ve been a part of this credit union for over 30 years. We’ve been doing these workshops with a team building element for all 30 years as best I can remember and this by far is the best one we’ve ever done.”