Teamwork Activities at Forbo Movement Systems

The fruit of creative teamwork activities is a healthy company and a fully engaged staff. That’s why Forbo sought Magnovo’s team building skills.

Holding things together

In 1919 Forbo’s founder, Ernst Siegling opened shop in Hanover Germany. He started out making chrome leather upright belts along with other transmission products. A century later, the Forbo group has companies in more than 80 countries, and the product line has expanded dramatically.

Conveyor belts. Flat belts. Modular belts. Timing belts. Splicing tools. These products move things, contain things, connect things, and hold things together. They’re the kinds of products we all take for granted but they impact every area of our lives.

Food. Textile. Paper. Printing. Tobacco. Airports. Sports and Leisure. These and other industries would grind to a halt without Forbo’s belts to keep things moving.

 Teamwork activities move companies forward

We met 70 employees of the North Carolina-based subsidiary, Forbo Movement Systems, at the Hilton Charlotte.  Magnovo’s workshop was part of Forbo’s annual sales conference and most of the attendees were the companies top sales reps from around the country and the world.

They were interested in teamwork activities that reinforced their core values. According to Executive Vice President Marc Richard Deimling, acting with a conscience is part of the company’s value system.

On the company website, he says, “Our commitment to the environment and society is based on a holistic approach, which makes sound economic sense and is sustainable at the same time.”

Magnovo’s leadership training session and charitable giving workshop mirrored these values and this approach.

Community-focused teamwork activities

Our Rescue Buddies Charity Workshop kicks corporate social responsibility up a notch. Workshop attendees assemble stuffed animals for local kids who’ve endured emotional trauma.

First responders distribute the toys to kids at car accidents, house fires, domestic abuse cases, and the like. The Rescue Buddies become a lifeline for the children and help them cope.

The Forbo staffers made 70 bears, birds, fish, and other comfy creatures to donate to the Ronald McDonald House in Charlotte. The Ronald McDonald Houses are a home-away-from-home for the families of very sick children. Each year they help over 3 million children across the globe.

The McDonald House team in Charlotte serves approximately 500 families each year, and our Rescue Buddies will be given to children at check-in.

Teamwork activities bind teammates

According to our feedback, the Forbo staffers were honored to contribute to such a worthy cause. And they enjoyed the competitive edge to the Rescue Buddy assembly.

  • “The team enjoyed the challenges. It was competitive and the ‘Rescue Buddies’ went to a great organization!”
  • “Overall, good comments from our team. Well done!”