Team Synergy Sparks Change at Humana

A Small Department Makes Big Changes

Small teams bring a lot to the table. Because they may work closely together, they may be nimble and work quickly. But there are unique challenges inherent in teams when employees are geographically isolated. It’s not like an employee can go down the hall to confer with a colleague. And that was the problem faced by this corporate team at Humana.

The company’s goal for the Team Synergy™ workshop was to have attendees reconnect as a department and realize they are each other’s key resources. Participants had been functioning individually to such an extent that siloing was a real issue. Our activities and exercises were developed to guide long-term change by improving collaboration and cohesion among these 17 team members.

Humana Team Takes Skills to the Next Level

We met with the folks from Humana on-site. Everyone was already in town for meetings. Many people were pretty familiar with each other because they’d communicated for so long by email and phone; however, they were unaccustomed to working together in person. For that reason, we opened with a few general ice breakers. This gave everyone a chance to loosen up after a full morning of meetings.

It was a good segue into some of the role-playing we started with. We guided teams through several key personality profiles that would help them understand and communicate with greater effectiveness and confidence. Additional activities built on that knowledge so that by the end of the afternoon, participants had a new and improved framework for on-going progress.

Team Synergy™’s Real Results

As with any kind of corporate training, the real proof of success is in the results. We hosted a debriefing session at the end of the workshop. It gave people the chance to talk about what they learned and process some of the new ideas as a group. Many folks remarked on how much they had learned and how enjoyable the experience was. They also discussed how they could apply what they learned to their daily work activities and processes.

Doing the program on-site worked well for participants and their work schedules. Some participants said that in previous years, team building activities were highly physical, and a few people had trouble keeping up. A compact program held at their offices was comfortable, both physically and mentally. It had the added benefit of being budget-friendly for Humana – a genuine win-win for everyone.