Team Synergy on the Vegas Strip

The following is what happens when you put a compassionate real estate developer with a Magnovo team synergy expert.

Coromandel Properties invited us to conduct a Bike-a-thon Charitable Teambuilding Workshop in Las Vegas.  Despite the 106-degree temperature, we kept our cool and embraced the challenge with gusto.

Of course, it’s easy to get excited about a company like Coromandel Properties. Their mission statement inspires trust and commitment: For us, family, community and the environment are at the core of every successful home.

Coromandel Properties is a real estate development firm based in Vancouver Canada. Townhouses, highrises, midrises–apart from the brick and mortar construction, what they are most committed to is building communities. And each Coromandel homeowner becomes a part of the corporate family.

The Coromandel team arrived fully engaged and fully present right from the start. And while they were clearly a competitive bunch, they were more focused on fun and teamwork.

Building bikes and team synergy

Ironically, Las Vegas means “The Meadows” in Spanish. It was more like a cauldron of flame while we were there. Fortunately, our digs made up for the inferno outdoors. A Forbes triple five-star hotel, the Mandarin Oriental Vegas is the definition of posh with a capital “P.” We basked in luxury enjoying the magnificent view of The Strip from the cool comfort of our meeting room.

Coromandel’s goal for this workshop was corporate focused teambuilding with an emphasis on team synergy. They invited Magnovo to turn their 25 enormously talented but very autonomous staffers into a harmonious unit. Building bikes for needy children became the single focus around which this symbiosis was achieved. And fortunately for our facilitators, these overachievers came prepared to embrace the spirit of the day.

Divided into 5 teams, they built 5 bikes. We geared each phase of the assembly to train team members to collaborate with each other without sacrificing individual creativity. One participant said that building the bicycles was the best activity for collaboration. She said, “It caused us to rely on each other to do our part in putting the bike together.” That’s what team synergy is really all about.

Rainbow dreams fulfilled

The recipient of the bicycles is one of the most impressive leaders with whom Magnovo has ever worked. Diane Pollard is the Founder and CEO of the Rainbow Dreams Educational Foundation. She started this remarkable Title 1 school 10 years ago and has transformed the lives of hundreds of children.

Their fully government-subsidized program teaches kids from Kindergarten through the eighth grade and prepares them for high school. Many of the students have both emotional and scholastic challenges. Pollard and her faculty strengthen their academic skills and bolster their self-esteem. They encourage and value each child just as they are at whatever academic level.

Students learn to believe that they can succeed in anything they want to do and they do it! This year, the inaugural class graduated. They started in Kindergarten and are now heading to college!

Pollard’s program really impressed the Coromandel Properties management. So they were happy to help benefit the Las Vegas community although it’s not their hometown.

The Magnovo facilitator relished the spark in the participants’ eyes as they made a human connection with the charity. The significance of the gifts that they built and gave touched their hearts.

At first, the group came to have fun and strengthen their team. Witnessing the moment when they realized that they’d just done something amazing was awesome! Even in 106-degree heat, our team synergy workshop with Coromandel Properties was a breeze.