Team Spirit Runs High in Philadelphia

We see evidence of team spirit in every workshop we do, but once in a while a group comes along and blows us away with their energy, their passion, and their dedication to giving back to their community.

That was exactly the case on September 16, when the Global Indemnity Group’s Rescue Buddies event facilitated by the Event-it event planning company took place.  It was a stellar September afternoon on the grounds of company headquarters when participants gathered to build team skills and make connections with the local community.

Team Spirit Runs High in PhiladelphiaIcebreakers, scavenger hunt and lunch under the great tent.

The group gathered in a large tent where they would soon have a fantastic lunch.  They began with a simple ‘Silly Human Trick’ activity that elicited many laughs.  Then they mixed up the group (literally!) with a fun icebreaker that imitates a crowded train station and running across a friendly face.  Icebreakers did their job and everyone was ready for the main event under the tent.

200 stuffed animals came at just the right moment.

After a quick competition to determine team leaders, they were on to the Rescue Buddies.  Collecting information and items like a scavenger hunt, teams collected all that was needed to prepare the animals complete with hearts, a whole lot of soft stuffing and personalized note cards for the children.

Team spirit shines even brighter when everyone is working for positive change in the neighborhood.

Nothing galvanizes teams like collaborating on something they all believe in.  In this case, it was preparing stuffed rescue animal buddies for children who are in crisis.  The animals are used extensively to comfort children who are victims of sexual abuse and go a long way in offering comfort to children in crisis.  The receiving organization was the Philadelphia Children’s Alliance (PCA).

When Charity Team Building Events called the PCA, they jumped at the opportunity to connect with Philadelphia-based Global Indemnity to accept their wonderful contribution.  They were low on stuffed animals and really appreciated the wonderful timing of the fortuitous new connections they made through this workshop.

Likewise, Global Indemnity was thrilled to make connections in the city and give back.  They were extremely excited for the new connection!

It was a whirlwind of fun, excitement and care for some of the hardest hit kids in Philadelphia.  Global Indemnity surely helped Philadelphia live up to its nickname: the city of brotherly love.  On this day, you could say it’s the city of brotherly love AND team spirit!