Team Bonding Ideas: Mission Kids Care Is Mission Possible

Team Building Ideas: Mission Kids Care Is Mission Possible

“Kids” of a certain age can remember sitting at their granddad’s feet as he regaled the family with tales of his two-mile trek to school every day after milking cows, bringing in firewood, and doing other chores. He probably sounded both heroic and crazy. Who goes through all that just to wind up in school? Ah, those were the “good old days” when kids actually wanted to learn and were willing to go the distance – any distance – to receive that diploma. For millions of children today, an education is still a prize to be coveted. They’re eager to learn because they want a better life for themselves and their families.

Team Bonding Ideas: Mission Kids Care Is Mission Possible

You and your professional colleagues can help transform these kids’ lives by providing some of the simple tools most of us take for granted. Next time you’re brainstorming for some great team building ideas consider Mission: Kids Care. Through this program you’ll donate school supplies to some deserving children who are smart enough to recognize the importance of finishing their education.

Bridging The Gap

Every day, hundreds of thousands of children leave shelters and impoverished communities heading for school without so much as a pencil. They have to endure the stigma of poverty and the hardship of trying to learn without the basic supplies most students use.

Nothing can bring people together more effectively than a noble cause, and what could be nobler than investing in the education of children who don’t have the financial resources they need?

 Paying It Forward

If you’re reading this, then more than likely yours is a success story – you made it or at least you’re well on your way. Mission accomplished. Congratulations! Participating in Mission: Kids Care is an opportunity to sow into the lives of kids who aspire to the same success you’re enjoying now. Or perhaps their ambitions are more modest – providing the bare necessities for themselves and their loved ones.

In any case, they’ll benefit from your benevolence, and you and your colleagues will benefit from knowing that you’ve made an invaluable difference in the lives of children who won’t make it without a helping hand. Team building ideas that challenge people to stretch their imaginations and their pocketbooks beyond their own interests are always worth pursuing.