Team Building Ideas for GHP Management

The best team building ideas challenge is to think of others first. Charitable workshops inspire you to reach back and give to the community. Just ask our client GHP Management. At our Bike-a-Thon Charity Workshop, they fully embraced the old saying that it is better to give than to receive.

GHP Management was created in 2000 by a cadre of experts in banking, insurance, and banking. Since then they have become industry leaders as asset managers of distressed debt. Among other things, they invest in land contracts, judgments, bankruptcy-affected assets, and commercial real estate loans. They also invest in high-end residential loans, loans in bankruptcy, and rights of redemption.

The Magnovo team joined 75 of GHP’s brightest and best managers at the Vdara Hotel in Las Vegas. Mercifully, this hotel doesn’t have a casino, so there were no distractions to contend with. Unfortunately, Hurricane Florence did interfere with some of the staffers, forcing them to beat a hasty retreat to make connecting flights that were at risk of cancellation.

The cleverest team building ideas are flexible

So we adjusted our plans, soldiered on, and wound up having a dynamic team building session and a wonderful bike building workshop. The Bike-a-Thon was the grand finale after a week of corporate meetings. Everyone enjoyed the change of pace.

The 75 managers broke into teams and during some pretty lively activities they competed for the parts to assemble 12 bikes. At each stage along the way, the teammates had to apply many of the collaborative and strategizing skills we’d discussed earlier. Everyone had a blast and the bikes turned out beautifully.

The strongest team building ideas are charitable

The recipient of the new bikes was a wonderful organization with whom we’ve partnered in the past. The Sunrise Children’s Foundation [SCF] opened in 1993 to help low-income families in the Las Vegas community.

Their 190 employees touch the lives of 150,000 children and families each year. SCF provides education, nutritional support, and social services for children from birth to age 5.

The Early Head Start child development curriculum prepares children for success in public school settings. They even make house calls! That’s right. Teachers visit students’ homes and teach parents how to teach their kids to read. They arrive with a complete package of reading materials and other resources to transform parents into teachers. It’s a partnership that benefits the teachers, parents, and the very enthusiastic kids.

Upon learning about the Sunrise Children’s Foundation and the work they do, the GHP team was genuinely grateful that they were able to provide such wonderful gifts to some deserving students. Many of the workshop participants claimed that this one experience was the highlight of the whole week.