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Team Building For Charity: A Noble Mission to Help Our Kids

Filling a void– that’s what team building for charity is all about. And that’s what Mission: Kids Care is all about. According to a recent survey by global market researchers, more than 90 percent of public and private school teachers reported spending their own money to buy school supplies this year.  During the 2012-2013 school year, 99 percent of these teachers reportedly spent a whopping 1.6 billion bucks on their students! And the 2015-2016 school year is expected to be the same.

Team Building For CharityAll over the country, cash-strapped communities and their school districts are struggling financially and the impact on the education of our children is tremendous. Thank goodness for the dedication of hundreds of thousands of American teachers. These teachers themselves embody the spirit of team building for charity.

Not only are these hard-working, underpaid heroes spending their time, energy, and talents to help their students learn, and grow into productive, employable taxpayers – they’re spending their hard-earned dough. From art supplies and notebooks to general office and janitorial supplies, their pinching their own pennies – the ones they’d otherwise spend on their own families – to make sure each student has what they need at school.

Talk about return on investment! They’re filling a void in their respective schools’ budgets and making an immeasurable difference in the lives of their young charges. Let’s talk about the ROI for you and your colleagues. What better team building for charity activity could you embrace than helping kids in your own community whose parents cannot afford to buy simple things like pens, pencils, notebooks, and backpacks? We’re not talking designer jeans, or the latest I-gadget here. We’re talking low-tech and no-tech basics.

Most of us cannot imagine being unable to buy something as fundamental as a pack of pens, loose leaf notebook paper, or a three-ring binder. We’re all so obsessed about making sure our smartphones are fully charged and that our I-gizmos have all the latest and greatest apps, that we scarcely notice the leather-bound organizers, high-end pens, and other office accoutrements scattered about our offices. We can’t imagine functioning without them because we don’t have to!

One in five American children live in poverty today. That translates to millions of boys and girls without enough food, clothes, or school supplies to subsist on the most rudimentary level. Again, hard to imagine.

You and your colleagues can help shore up one area of their lives by joining forces with Mission: Kids Care and filling the academic void with school supplies. Here’s something perhaps you can imagine: hundreds of kids in your own city extolling your efforts and singing your praises, “Thank goodness for the kindness, generosity, and charitable spirit of these wonderful men and women. Mission: Kids Care-what a team!”