Team Building Exercises with Allergan


The most effective team building exercises build muscles, strengthening both body and character. That was the goal of the Allergan Puttin Pantry and it was totally game on!  

Allergan is a global biopharmaceutical company with 17,000 employees in 100 countries. They manufacture surgical, biologic, medical, and technological products for use by thousands of doctors and hospitals.

Their company commitment: Together, we build bridges, power ideas, act fast and drive results for our customers and patients around the world by always doing what is right.

The Magnovo team met 45 Allergan thought leaders at the Grand Summit Hotel in Summit New Jersey. These research-and-development experts from all over the world rarely worked together or collaborated. The executive office wanted to nurture these relationships.

And with a number of new hires onboard, Allergan management wanted the veterans to become better acquainted with the newbies. A carefully developed team building exercise can make colleagues feel more like family and that was Allergan’s ultimate goal.

Personality-driven team building exercises

Always customized to fit the client, our session helped the Allergan contingent develop skills needed for cross-pollination. Our personality-type training laid the groundwork for open communication and conflict management.

They were mostly Baby Boomers as was our facilitator, Magnovo CEO Rob Jackson.  Suffice it to say that his “old school” jokes were very relatable and well received. Most popular was his declaration that disco was his favorite music genre.

“Granted my name is Jackson, but I can’t dance. Back in the day, though, that didn’t matter. All you had to do was move your hands back and forth a little bit—kind of in a circular motion. And with the strobe lights going, I looked like an incredible dancer.”

Mercifully Jackson put everyone out of their misery and quit demonstrating his slick disco moves.

Purposeful team building exercises

The Puttin Pantry Workshop is a marvelous team building exercise in tomfoolery, fun, and philanthropy. A miniature golf course is built out of food items that are ultimately donated to charity.

For this workshop, we literally bought a ton of canned fruits and veggies, boxed pasta, bottled juices, and water from a local merchant. The point: to make sure we support the local economy in every city we visit.

The 45 Allergan staffers broke into teams. And during a series of high energy activities, they competed for putters, balls, food items, and decorations to build 9 miniature golf holes. Each hole had goofy decorations and even goofier names. It was great fun!

Each hole had to be played in 4 shots. One team was notably quicker than all the rest. So when they completed their own holes, they’d yell, “Playing through!” a term used in real golf when someone in front of you is slow. At this point, their biggest challenge was trying to play while laughing hysterically.

Prize-winning philanthropy

The team with the lowest score and the wackiest decorations won the “grand” prize. Normally this so-called prize amounts to little more than bragging rights. But Allergan execs actually awarded a trophy for the best score.

But the real prize was handing off our bountiful donation to the largest food bank in the state—the Community Food Bank of New Jersey! Just how large is largest? Try 2 buildings that are the equivalent of 8 football stadiums!

Now that’s large! And it has to be because they serve other food banks throughout the state. Nonetheless, they were not only grateful but genuinely impressed by the quality and quantity of foods we donated.

The Puttin Pantry was also a huge hit with the Allergan team. One man confessed that he never liked miniature golf before, but we changed that! And a woman manager said that she was proud of her company for caring about New Jersey food issues.

That’s the kind of payoff our team building exercises are designed for.