Team Building Events for Sumitomo Corporation of Americas


Creating innovative team building events for a 400-year old business dynasty is no small feat. But that’s exactly what we took on with Sumitomo Corporation of Americas.

SCOA is part of Sumitomo Corporation which got its start 400 years ago in Kyoto Japan.  A 17th-century merchant with an amazing vision started out in a small shop selling books and medicines. Today 919 companies form a global conglomerate of which SCOA  is the largest subsidiary.  They are leaders in energy and transportation technologies, as well as manufacture and infrastructure innovations.

Intimate team building events

Normally when we think of a team we envision a lot of people. But good team building events can come in small packages as well. Our workshops are tailored to a client’s corporate culture and staff size.

We met 6 members of SCOA at their office in Novi Michigan. They brought as much energy and enthusiasm as a group 10 times their size. The mission was a simple but noble one: build 3 bikes for low-income kids in the community.

Two teams engaged in friendly competition to earn the parts and tools they needed to assemble the bikes. Meanwhile, they got to know each other and learn how to work as a team.

Our Bike-a-Thon Charity Workshops are especially popular. That’s because the assembly process is fun and it teaches communications and collaborative skills. And donating them to needy kids is the ultimate emotional payoff.

The therapy of team building events

Throughout the day, our facilitator heard a chorus of “This is so much fun!” The SCOA staffers were all smiles and giggles. When the charity representative explained the value of the gifts, those smiles were mingled with tears.

Doug Campbell, Executive Director of Hope Clinic, was amazing and inspirational. He eloquently helped everyone understand the long-term positive impact these donations would have. And everyone was also impressed with the incredible mission they’ve taken on among the poor in this community.

Hope Clinic is a kind of safe harbor for the uninsured and underinsured in southeast Michigan. They’re one of Magnovo’s favorite charities because of the turnkey services they offer. They don’t just take care of medical needs. Their goal is to care for the whole person.

There are a medical clinic and free prescriptions, a food pantry, laundry services, dental care, mental health counseling, clothing, and toiletries. And they serve dinner on-site every weekend.

Encounters like this with people who work so hard in their communities make team building events like this one worth every minute.