We have all seen our family, friends and co-workers dump icy, cold buckets of water on their heads recently.  Whether you love watching the clips or dread seeing another posting on Facebook, the fact is that the Ice Bucket Challenge works.  The success has been unprecedented in meeting the goal to both raise awareness about ALS and to increase donations for needed research.  It also provides inspiration for team building events. Here are a few reasons why the challenge has been so successful.

Take Action

People have been asked to take action in a specific and tangible way: get wet or give a donation (even better, do both). Providing a clear way for people to make a difference for a cause or community need leads to engaged, and often immediate, action.

Make Connections

Of course, the fun part of the Ice Bucket Challenge is to issue the challenge to those near and dear to you, encouraging them to donate or to freeze themselves under an icy waterfall.  This part of the challenges creates connections between people.  Success comes from blending individual action with broader community engagement and purpose.

A Simple Question

What Team Building Events and the Ice Bucket Challenge Have in Common

It is often said that the number one reason people don’t give to charitable organizations in their community is that they are never asked.  When you are asked from a place of sincerity and given clear information about how to support a cause, you are often more open to giving with enthusiasm. All these simple successes from the ice bucket challenge can be equally true for team building events for your work team.  The challenge blends the best of team building success with individual action, community encouragement and support, and a clear and concise goal.  The challenge requires action with a definitive time frame and a clear purpose, bringing people together in the process.

Charity team building events, like building a bicycle or putting together household goods or food for families in need, can have these same impacts for your team, without your getting drenched with cold water.  In fact, the best part of the ice bucket challenge may be that it encourages us all to think creatively about how to take action for charitable organizations that matter to us.