Community Building Activities: Opportunities for Personal Enrichment

Team Building Events Can Meet Rising Demand for Workplace Community Involvement

Does your company have an established plan for workplace giving to charitable causes or a policy that provides time for employees to volunteer for a favorite community organization? A recent report from America’s Charities highlights that more employees are expecting their companies to support community involvement or provide opportunities to get involved with local non-profits doing team building events or similar activities.

As changes in technology are redefining the boundaries between work and personal life, there is a shift in the way that people are staying informed and connected with important causes and charitable organizations in their community and across the globe. As a result, more than 50 percent of non-profit organizations report an increase in requests for engagement opportunities from companies and employees.
The challenge for some non-profit organizations, especially smaller agencies, is finding projects that are scalable to larger volunteer groups or creating events and activities that meet the needs of companies. The goal for non-profits and companies is to develop volunteer activities that can be part of a larger employee engagement strategy, including workplace giving and information sharing about important causes and organizations.

Creating Partnerships

Team Building Events Can Meet Rising Demand for Workplace Community InvolvementOpportunities to support non-profit organizations are most effective when they become a foundation for relationship building. Creating partnerships that can be mutually beneficial for the non-profit organization and company employees is key, including fostering ways for employees to support organizations with both time and financial resources. What is even better is that companies are recognizing that these connections and community activities also support the mission and goals of business. Companies find that volunteer opportunities can support team building in the office, as well as support stronger connections in the greater community.

As the demand for workplace community involvement continues to expand, it is important to craft strategies to bring employees together in order to support local communities, whether through a team building or fundraising event. It becomes a win-win for employees, companies and communities alike.