Smart companies know that new technologies in the office place don’t necessarily work out unless you’ve first prepared your team. Builders of today’s digital sharing tools like Basecamp or Google Drive assume there’s a minimal amount of teamwork in the offline world first, before their tools can be used to their maximum benefit.

Team Builders Having a team that’s open to change is only one part of the equation when adapting to new technology.  Another part is getting your team used to the idea of collaboration.

Team builders can help prepare your team for new technology.

Online collaboration has moved light years ahead of what it used to be.  With tools that allow for a central  (online) repository of live documents so there’s never any question as to where the latest edits can be found, it’s easy to get groups all working on the same page.

But if your employees tend to hoard information rather than share it for the common good, you can forget about digital sharing tools.

To get your group used to the idea of new ways of sharing, try some team builders that focus on collaboration in the offline world first.  If sharing knowledge isn’t something they’re used to already, Google Docs or Basecamp aren’t going to do them much good.

Seeing the Big Picture

Team building workshops like The Big Picture help groups focus on a more macro level, so that they are reminded of how everyone is on the same team, with the same goals.

In fact, any team builders which foster trust and team efforts will help mentally prepare employees for new sharing technologies by giving them the tools and the proper mindset for collaboration.

After all, trust is an important part of working together on teams- and imagine the trust that’s required when employees start making use of new tools such as comments (on Google docs), where their ideas are exposed to the whole team.  Mutual trust is a precursor to using collaboration software, for sure. 

Build up to incorporating collaboration software.

The last thing you’ll want is to thrust collaboration software upon your team when they’re not ready to collaborate.  That’s a sure-fire way to make them hate the new technology, and you’re setting yourself up to fail, as far as moving your office forward with technology.

The best solution is a series of team building initiatives implemented over time.  Combine team building (skills work) with team bonding (fun events) and you’ve got the perfect team builder for getting your team ready for new technology.