Team Bonding Games with Shell


Team bonding games break the ice and bridge emotional and social gaps between colleagues. That’s why Shell asked Magnovo to conduct a charity team building workshop for some of their workers.

Shell’s selling success

“She sells seashells by the seashore.” This tongue twister is the first thing I thought of when I read about how Shell got its start.

In 1833 Marcus Samuel, a London shopkeeper decided to sell oriental seashells to his upscale clients. Decorating stylish houses with seashells was all the rage at the time. As demand increased he imported them from the Far East.

His fortunes grew and he brought his 2 sons on board. Eventually, they took over their dad’s flourishing import-export business then seized the moment to enter the oil business.

Today Royal Dutch Shell, better known to most of us as Shell, is headquartered in the Netherlands. Shell is an international conglomerate of energy and petrochemical companies with 86,000 employees in 70 countries. And it’s the 5th largest company in the world.

Strategic team bonding games

We met 30 Shell employees in Texas’ Magnolia City at the Omni Houston Hotel at Westside. A recent reorganization inspired the executive office to host a gathering during which everyone could meet, greet, and get to know each other.

Honesty, integrity, and respect for people are among Shell’s highest core values. And team bonding would help them honor these values. So their main goal for our workshop was professional development and leadership training to improve communications. Conflict management and resolution were also top priorities.

A  better understanding of people’s personalities always makes it easier to communicate and collaborate. And team bonding exercises are great hands-on practice in leadership skills development and conflict management.

Heartfelt team bonding games

Our Rescue Buddies Charity Workshop is the perfect vehicle for building goodwill in the community and bringing teams closer together. Rescue Buddies put the focus on the feelings of a frightened child. Everything else takes a back seat. So corporate execs big and small drop their guards and roll up their sleeves to help.

The Shell staffers divided into teams and stuffed 30 toys–bears, birds, and the like–to donate to traumatized kids. These kids have often suffered a family tragedy and need emotional support. Our Rescue Buddies provide that support.

We often donate the toys to first responders who encounter these terrified little ones. This time the recipient was the Houston Fire Department Administration. And their rep was as grateful to receive them as we were to gift them.

The week before we arrived, Houston suffered severe flooding. There was another kind of flood on the day of our workshop. The tears of the Shell employees flowed freely when they found out where their toys were headed.

You can’t go anywhere without seeing the Shell logo, but people may not always see what generous hearts Shell employees have. We did and it was a special experience we won’t soon forget.