Team Bonding Event Ideas for Janssen Research and Development

Magnovo’s best team bonding event ideas are the ones that can turn on a dime.

Case in point: we had just 2 days notice to a host a workshop for Janssen Research and Development.

Their original plan was to pick veggies from a regional farm and donate them to a local food pantry. Unfortunately, a hurricane washed out their plans. So at the last minute, they called Magnovo and, of course, we came to the rescue.

Janssen is a pharmaceutical company within the Johnson and Johnson family. They are a client with whom we’ve worked many times in the past. Our track record with them has been consistently successful and they knew that if anyone could pull this off, it was us.

Even though we only had  2 days notice, we simply couldn’t let them down. So our team sprang into action, and we organized and delivered one of our most popular charitable workshops–appropriately called Rescue Buddies.

The best team bonding event ideas are inclusive

We headed to their campus at the Johnson and Johnson Institute in Somerville New Jersey. The 28 participants were a racially and multiculturally diverse group of Millennials.

They’d come from around the country for Jensen’s leadership development program. Our training and workshop session was the grand finale. And of course, since training Millennials is a Magnovo specialty, we were thrilled to be there.

Team bonding event ideas should be charitable

Nothing reinforces leadership skills like charitable giving. It pulls you out of yourself and focuses your time and talents on others in need. The Janssen credo, more than a moral compass, means that philanthropy is a part of their business model.

Our Rescue Buddies Workshops produce stuffed animals for traumatized children. After a house fire, accident, or a similar catastrophe, frightened kids need something to cling to—that’s where our Rescue Buddies come in.

The Janssen workshop participants actually assembled and stuff the toys—bears, fish, birds, turtles, and the like. The assembly process was collaborative so those newly honed communications skills really came in handy.

Team bonding event ideas build community

Our 28 assorted Rescue Buddies were gifted to the Hunterdon Medical ClinicMagnovo, Janssen, and Hunterdon have a long and wonderful history together. So our latest gift presentation was truly a lovefest.

Bill Healy, Hunterdon’s Director of Donor and Community Relations, delivered an inspirational speech about how much these stuffed toys would mean to some of their young patients.

And he couldn’t thank Janssen enough for their ongoing support and heartfelt dedication, and for being such an amazingly good corporate neighbor. They’ve consistently donated money,  and resources, and participated in countless community services projects. In fact, one of the Janssen employees is on the Hunterdon board of directors.

Janssen’s workshop coordinator was equally as effusive insisting that our presentation was “awesome as usual!” 

“Thank you for saving us,” she gushed. She and the whole Janssen crew were relieved and grateful that in spite of the weather, they were still able to honor their commitment to give back to one of their favorite organizations.