Team Bonding Activities and Charitable Giving at Bosch

Bosch understands that the most dynamic team bonding activities are inspirational. And the strongest inspiration is forged by charitable giving. They asked for a living demonstration of this principle and we brought them our  Mission: Kids Care Workshop. It was the answer they were looking for.

Their commitment to team bonding activities is more than a century old. In 1886 a handsome young man named Robert Bosch launched the company in Stuttgart, Germany. He was the Steve Jobs of precision mechanical and electrical engineering.

Ultimately Bosch became a powerful industrialist, inventor, and entrepreneur. Today, the company is an empire of more than 400,000 employees around the world with revenues topping $78 billion.

The Bosch brand

In the automotive industry, the Bosch product line includes everything from spark plugs and windshield wiper blades to car stereo technology and security systems. In fact, they revolutionized automotive technology with their anti-lock brake system.

Bosch appliances are in homes all over the world, as are their mobile phones. And they’re raising the bar in security system technology, CCTV camera design, and other surveillance equipment. This technological giant is also one of the biggest manufacturers of portable power tools like cordless drills and belt sanders.

Customized team bonding activities

We met 30 of their managers at the Shoreline Inn in Muskegon Michigan to facilitate one of our favorite workshops, Mission: Kids CareWhile they all spoke English, many of them flew in from around the world. The Michigan-based hosts were proud of their beautiful Great Lakes community and the Shoreline Inn was the perfect place to showcase the city.

Team bonding activities a la Magnovo means tailoring every aspect of our workshops to suit our client’s goals. At Bosch, many of their staffers only stay in one position for a short time. Their roles and duties change often. This means they’re constantly meeting new people, new challenges, and new teambuilding goals.

So the focus of this training session was flexible leadership and collaboration. We tailored our workshop so that when they broke up into 5 teams the team captains changed constantly and team players were rotated in and out of different groups.

Learning from team bonding activities

During our Mission: Kids Care Workshops, participants assemble school supplies for low-income children in their community. Each phase of the workshop involves various levels of “competition.” These team bonding activities challenged the Bosch staffers to constantly adjust to new leaders and new teammates while learning to work together to win the various items.

The Bosch corporate culture is such that these 30 managers actually embraced each challenge and enjoyed the friendly competition. They stuffed 15 backpacks full of notebooks, calculators, markers, pens, pencils, and other back-to-school basics.

Members of the Muskegon YMCA were the proud recipients of 15 gifts full of kindness and good wishes. Hats off to these students and to the Bosch employees who made our day of team bonding activities so delightful.