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Teachers and Administrators from Sunstone Montessori are Schooled on Teamwork

A very responsive group of teachers and administrators adopt a renewed focus on teamwork. That helped them find a way to break up cliques and become more cohesive. 

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We had the pleasure to work on team building with a great group from Sunstone, a not-for-profit Montessori school in Portland, OR.

Facing a few small issues with cohesion and trust in their organization, they smartly booked a team building workshop to nip those problems in the bud before the start of classes.

Sunstone’s Goals

Most of our clients have some sort of goal for the workshops they book with us. Whether it’s just to have fun while building teamwork skills, or something more involved, we’re always happy to accommodate everything.

Sunstone’s goals were definitely very specific, and that’s because they hired us to help solve some very specific problems they were trying to contain before they grew into something even more serious.

Here’s what the group leader wanted us to convey to the teachers and administrators who came to the workshop that day:

1) We are all on the same team; WE ARE INTERDEPENDENT. We are all the many parts of one body; though we all do different work, we couldn’t function without each other. The health of each part depends on the health of each other part, and of the whole. Though it sometimes feels like we work in silos, we truly do not. TO BE SUCCESSFUL, WE MUST VALUE EACH OTHER’S CONTRIBUTIONS.

2) If something isn’t working, please a) give others the benefit of the doubt, that they are doing their best! and b) be direct in requesting what you need or want. BE KIND, COMMUNICATE DIRECTLY, AND BE SOLUTION ORIENTED

We Couldn’t Have Said it Better!

Those messages were strong teamwork messages.  Since they pretty much describe our mission for every workshop, it was no problem to tackle the issues the Sunstone group was having.

We started with an intro about building a strong team, then brainstormed the qualities of a desired culture. That led into creation of a mission statement for the staff, which they completed as a team on their own. We finished up with a highly interactive module called “Commercials”, which calls upon everyone to play certain roles in producing and performing TV commercials for the rest of the group. The did a great job!

In the end, the group was happy, and their leader was too with the outcome. That makes us happy too!