The Tax Executives Institute Builds Teddy Bears for Kids

The Tax Executives Institute Builds Stuffed Animals for Kids

Our charity workshop facilitators always have fun at their jobs, but this event with the Tax Executives Institute was a BLAST!  There was no downtime for this facilitator as she manned the tables outside a company-wide event for the TEI.

The Tax Executives Institute Builds Teddy Bears for Kids


All about the stuffed animals…

Our group met at the Grand Hyatt in Washington D.C. for a Rescue Buddies™ charity event and although the format was a little different from usual, the end result was the same: lots of goodwill, so many people wanting to do something good for the community, and tons of stuffed animals all made up for local kids!

This time, our Rescue Buddies™ went to the Ronald McDonald House of Washington, D.C.  Usually we have a representative on hand for the donation ceremony at the end of the workshop but the format for the TEI event didn’t accommodate that so we had the stuffed animals couriered out to the Ronald McDonald House.


Charity work at TEI’s event- we fit right in.

Like all our workshops, we were happy to customize this version of Rescue Buddies™ for the Tax Executives Institute’s special event at the Grand Hyatt.

Our tables for assembly were set up outside the actual event, which turned out to be the best spot in the house for such activity!  Anyone attending the conference saw the Rescue Buddies™ activity tables before they saw anything else because we were their first stop.

That brought lots of curious people to the table, and almost each and every one actually took the time out of their busy event schedule to put together a stuffed animal.  After asking what this was all about and where the animals would go, most people simply made an animal on the spot!  Some asked, then returned later when they had more time.


Stuffed animals get free admission the tax conference.

One gentleman from TEI offered to take some of the Rescue Buddies™ parts into the event itself to drum up more activity!  Everyone had so much fun and it was clear they appreciated that we were there for them and together we could help out the Ronald McDonald House.


Special notes with each animal lend a personal touch to the donations.

Every Rescue Buddies™ animal that goes out to charities as a result of our workshop is sent with love and hope.  We like to have our workshop participants convey those sentiments through personal notes they write for each.

Sometimes it’s a note personalizing them with names and short histories.  It makes it fun for the kid who eventually receive them, and less anonymous.  We think it’s a great way for groups to personally make an impact on the community around them.  Thanks everyone at TEI- it was a fantastic event!