T-Mobile Brings Love, Teamwork, and Stuffed Animals to Their Rescue Buddies Workshop in Tampa, Fl

This event was a Rescue Buddies Charity Workshop 20 participants from T-Mobile in Tampa. Because this was a newly-formed team whose members travel all over the country and seldom have a chance to work together directly, we thought a Charity Workshop would be a great way to help them get better acquainted and teach them a little big picture thinking. All of our Charity Workshops tend to accomplish these goals, but we thought a Rescue Buddies event would be especially helpful in this situation.

t-mobileDuring a Rescue Buddies Workshop, participants work together to problem solve, earn materials, and eventually build stuffed animals to donate to local charity groups. in this case, the T-Mobile team chose to donate their stuffed animals to a wonderful organization called The Tampa Police Department R.I.C.H. House Program.

Team Building Activities on the Fly Work Wonders for T-Mobiles

T-Mobile Management actually had other plans prior to contacting us here at Magnovo. But when inclement weather spoiled the outdoor activity they’d arranged, they knew we could design the perfect workshop quickly. working in conjunction with the team, we decided to stage a Rescue Buddies Charity Workshop that was held right in their Tampa Office.

Fortunately, the small preparation window didn’t hurt anything. Our facilitators had the workshop ready to go and the T-Mobile team came in with energy, enthusiasm, and the kind of welcoming attitude that helps us feel right at home. We harnessed this great energy to take them through a few of our warm up games and then transitioned right into the Rescue Buddies portion of the workshop.

T-Mobiles Came Out Ahead by Helping The Tampa Police Department R.I.C.H. House Program Serve Children

The T-Mobile team was able to maintain these high levels of enthusiasm, care, and focus through the entire workshop. They seemed to extract the lessons they needed from the warm up activities and were able to apply them directly to the next two phases. The end result was a few dozen satisfied people and a huge pile of stuffed animals to donate to The Tampa Police Department R.I.C.H. House Program.

It’s amazing what you can see and experience when you really pay attention. As facilitators, we came with a service to perform for our clients. We’d like to think that we performed this very well– and the comments we heard reinforced this belief– but it also became quite clear as the day progressed that the T-Mobile people had plenty to teach us as well. And there’s little more satisfying than that.