Students from the Wolcott School in Chicago Work on Teamwork Skills to Help Neighborhood Kids

It’s not every day we get to see teenagers use teamwork skills for charity the way these kids did one day this past September.  It was September 17, 2015 when 86 students from the Wolcott School, a private high school in Chicago, got together to build bikes for local children.

Students from the Wolcott School in Chicago Work on Teamwork Skills to Help Neighborhood Kids

Team building for teenagers!

It’s never too early to learn about teamwork, communication, and the power of a social cause.  These exceptional kids from the Wolcott School did a great job in all aspects of our Bike-A-Thon workshop, by any definition.

Kids love a chance to prove their skills in new situations.  A team building workshop provides a safe, fun environment in which they get to shine!

Core elements of teamwork viewed through the lens of high-school students.

For this Bike-A-Thon workshop, our facilitator Rob used the proven, hands-on activities that form the basis for all of our workshops.  He started out with icebreakers, then moved on to increasingly challenging activities which led up to the final module: assembling the bicycles.

Each stage of the workshop tests various teamwork skills, like communication and creative problem-solving.  Every single workshop is different from the rest of course, simply because the people, their goals, and their personal challenges are always different.

But this high-school group from the Wolcott School really put a new spin on things!  It’s not every day we get to view our methods through the lens of a teenager, so this particular event was incredibly eye-opening for us.

Just like the participants, we too gained valuable insight on how teams work, how personality affects behavior and teamwork, and how communication at any age is essential to success.

A fun workshop leads to a happy school administration…everyone wins!

Working with teenagers is always unpredictable- organizing teams, challenging their communication and other teamwork skills, and finally building bicycles…well you can imagine!

The energy was positive, which always means challenges will be met with greater success.  That was certainly the case for this workshop, which was held on site at the Wolcott School in Chicago, IL.

The activities included:

  • Icebreaker: “Have you ever…?”
  • Icebreaker: “Counting”
  • Do what I say  (communication challenge)
  • Bike build (collaboration challenge)

Overall, the school administration was very happy with the outcome of the event, as were the participants.  They felt good that they were helping out local kids in the Chicago area, and that they’d succeeded in completing the workshop and meeting the challenges presented to them by the workshop activities.