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Stryker Engineers & Leaders Show Surprising Creativity in Wagon Builders™

Say what you want about engineers, but they can be some of the most creative people we know. Creativity and engineering CAN go together. That’s what we discovered this summer when Stryker engineers and leaders got together for a Wagon Builders™ workshop with us. 

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This summer in Kalamazoo we found ourselves meeting up once again with a group from Stryker. The occasion: a Wagon Builders™ Charity Workshop. This was a repeat event for both of us, as we’d joined with them last year for a charity workshop and it had been a huge success.

Stryker, Making Connections in All Kinds of Ways

This group from Stryker was comprised of engineers and leaders from all over the company. There was a theme they’ve been building upon at their company, and that’s connecting with their end users. They manufacture medical devices and equipment, so they work with hospitals and clinics.

Making connections can be accomplished in so many ways, so we knew we’d have no problem helping them build on this theme. Connections are built on communication, so that was one goal we had for this workshop.

Connections are also made with the community- and that’s where the charitable aspect of this workshop fit in nicely with Stryker’s theme. But let’s talk about how we targeted communication skills, first. Then we’ll show you the wonderful community connections that were made that day.

Here’s How the Workshop Went

We did an initial round of ice breakers, always an important part of getting a group warmed up to practicing great communication. These included Say What I Say and Air Numbers, two of our classic crowd-pleasers.

Then it was on to a series of interactive challenges that encouraged deep communication skills among the participants. One of these activities was “Lip Sync Contest”. That always brings out the best in everyone! Our engineers and leaders from Stryker did an amazing job with this activity, which requires copious amounts of creativity and great communication skills (and courage!).

Wagons & Goodies go to Boys and Girls Club of Kalamazoo

Then it was time for the assembly and decorations of those little red wagons, as well as placing the gifts in the wagons for the kids. Here’s where the creativity really came out- those wagons were decorated to the hilt!

Kids from the Boys & Girls Club of Kalamazoo were on hand to receive their wagons, and they were pleased as punch to see those exciting displays, all done up fancy for them.  Great job all around on building connections!