Staff Engagement at Schneller LLC


When it comes to staff engagement at Schneller LLC the sky’s the limit! They invited Magnovo to conduct a WheelCharity Workshop, and the whole staff was ready to take off!

Soaring into success

American poet, James Dickey said, “ Flight is the only truly new sensation than men have achieved in modern history.”  Schneller LLC  helped make this new sensation happen.

Electrical engineer John Benjamin Schneller started the company in 1964. He started out manufacturing vinyl-coated fiberglass cloth for Douglas DC3 aircraft.

Today Schneller LLC is a model of staff engagement which is at the core of its success. Schneller leads the industry in designing and manufacturing formable decorative thermoplastics, flexible film laminates, and non-textile flooring products. It services Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, Mitsubishi, and other high flyers in the aviation industry.

An easy liftoff

We met 30 of their brightest airplane parts manufacturers, engineers, and managers from their marketing and design departments. We met at the Elk  Lodge in  Ravenna Ohio as part of the grand finale of an annual 3-day business meeting and teambuilding event.

Because staff engagement is the foundation of their business model, this team was energetic and enthusiastic from the start.

Our WheelCharity Workshop simply reinforced the training they’d received during the annual meeting. During each phase of the wheelchair assembly, they honed their communications, leadership, and collaborative skills.

The Schneller staffers built 5 wheelchairs and donated them to Freedom House – Family & Community Services, Inc. which has served families in Northeast Ohio for 75 years. This charity provides food, clothing, shelter, counseling, and other services.

Freedom House is a haven for homeless veterans. It started in 2004 for male veterans at immediate risk of homelessness and is funded by the Department of Veterans Affairs Capital Grant and Per Diem Program.

There are more than 40,000 homeless veterans in the country today–a number that has increased over the past couple of years. More than a thousand of them live in the state of Ohio.

Freedom House operates a  24-hour-a-day 14-bed transitional facility for male veterans in their community. Case managers help veterans maintain sobriety, adopt healthy lifestyles, and stabilize and reenter community life.

Our 5 wheelchairs were graciously received by Freedom House representatives. The Schneller crew appreciated spending the day doing something that was both fun and helpful to their community.  Our feedback from the Schneller Vice President was glowing. He not only had fun but felt that the whole staff engagement event was a huge success.