Spring Cleaning Your Team Goals

Spring Cleaning Your Team Goals

Spring is in the air, so what better time to clear the air at work? Upgrade your team bonding goals by upgrading your understanding of your team. Whether you’ve got lots of  seasoned veterans, nothing but newbies, or a multigenerational mixbag—this is the perfect time to reboot,  regroup, and help your team renew their commitment to your corporate vision.

Communications: this key unlocks 2 important doors

  1. The company vision—For total buy-in to the company’s vision, your employees have to understand it. While the vision may not have changed, you may have to update the way you present it. Consider what Magnovo calls  Big Picture communication.

Our Big Picture workshop is a hands-on exercise which shows each employee how they fit into the grander scheme of things. When they recognize the value of their position, buying into the company’s vision will be automatic because they can see the benefit to themselves and to the business.

  1. Conflict management—Millennials are the largest group in corporate America. Technologically, these young geniuses are absolutely invaluable; but socially, they can be a bit of a challenge. So much so, that developing conflict management skills is now trending among thousands of CEOs and other executives who are struggling to cope.

Developing a better understanding of how these young whiz kids think will make conflict management much easier—and maybe even unnecessary. DiSC personality discovery is like a crystal ball that reveals an employee’s personality and character traits. Dominance, Influentialness,  Steadiness, and Conscientiousness. These are the DiSC personality profiles that we all exhibit.

Understanding where your employees fit within this spectrum of personality styles will make it easier for you to deal with their work styles. Ironically, working with Millennials through DiSC personality training just happens to be one of Magnovo’s favorite things.

Upgrading your communications skills will make leading, supervising, collaborating, goal-setting, and team building easier and more effective. So this spring, make Magnovo your springboard to a whole new corporate you.