Spotlight: SOS Children’s Villages Illinois and the Power of Charitable Giving

Magnovo’s work with philanthropic and social service organizations demonstrates the power of charitable giving. They’re why we do what we do with so much passion and commitment!

Our charitable teambuilding workshops give companies a chance to refresh their leadership skills and give back to their communities at the same time.

From wagons and bikes to toys, books, and food—our workshop participants have donated thousands of gifts to hundreds of charities across the country. That’s the power of charitable giving!

Charitable giving in the spotlight

One particular organization is near and dear to our hearts because they provide such amazing support to foster children—of which Magnovo CEO Rob Jackson was one, once upon a time.

If we do say so ourselves, Jackson heads the best professional development company in America. Thanks to him, the success of Magnovo Training Group is unparalleled. But none of this could have happened without his loving and devoted foster family!

There’s an African proverb which proclaims that “It takes a village to raise a child.” Magnovo salutes an organization whose commitment to this truth is built into their name. SOS Children’s Villages Illinois is one of the country’s greatest foster care champions,  

More than just a light at the end of a tunnel, SOS Illinois is a bridge into a bright future!

Their dedicated staff keeps siblings together instead of tearing them apart and placing them in separate facilities. The foster parents in their system are highly trained, fulltime, accountable professionals!

Simply put: the children in this system know that they matter! And they are assured that the people who take care of them will be answerable to the charity managers if anything goes wrong. They feel safe and secure and they thrive!

And with a 100 percent high school graduation, the SOS Illinois record of success speaks for itself. One young lady recently enrolled in Joliet Junior College with plans to become a Certified Nursing Assistant.

Another young girl used to rescue stray kittens because she knew how it felt to be motherless and afraid. Today, after years of nurturing and support from the SOS Illinois team, she is healed, whole, and being pursued by top universities like Yale.

Dorothy Gale got it right!

The heroine of “The Wizard of Oz” said a mouthful when she declared that, “There’s no place like home!” And that’s how most of us feel. Despite some childhood hardships, the word “home” usually conjures up warm feelings and fond memories. Sadly that’s not the case for hundreds of thousands of children in this country.

Domestic violence, child abuse, drug addiction, incarceration, and poverty have left many children without parental guidance and family stability. The foster care system, which was established here in the 1800s, became a safety net for many of them. It wasn’t a perfect system—and it still isn’t, but at least some effort was made to take care of abandoned and orphaned waifs.

Foster care today

In 2016 more than 600,000 children were in foster care. Once they entered, most remained in the system for 2 years. Seven years is the average age of most kids who move into their first foster care facility. Most are people of color and 12 percent live in group homes and institutions.

A life in limbo

For children whose parents are no longer in the picture, they live a life in limbo awaiting adoption. They spend years dreaming of the day when a loving family will come and take them home and love them forever. For thousands, that day never comes.

Safe haven: SOS Illinois

When children enter SOS Children’s Villages they leave the instability and anguish of a life in limbo and find a safe haven.

SOS Illinois rears the children in private, single-family homes. And to avoid separating sisters and brothers, they equip many of these homes to house up to 6 siblings!

Caseworkers and therapists are on-site every day.  And the staff carefully monitors all facilities for security and cleanliness.

Chief Executive Officer Tim McCormick explains, “SOS Children’s Villages comes to a child and to a family at their most vulnerable time and we begin an important process of healing and strengthening that family and individual. That healing process begins in the context of a village–a group of people gathered to marshall all the collective resources of that community geared towards and focussed on each child’s life to come back together and create a process where that child can maximize their potential.

“This important work does not happen in isolation and cannot happen without people beyond the village. And one of the most important things that I see about this model of care is that it brings in others and engages them to walk on this important journey they can begin not only to transform a child’s life but to transform our society. And to me, this is not only important work, but it is also noble work for all of us as members of society.”

The power of charitable giving as a lifeline

SOS Illinois embodies the power of charitable giving. Magnovo is honored to help them make such a tremendous difference in the lives of these children.