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Silicon may be outdated as a material for computer chips, but the northern part of California named for it continues to  be the tech center of the world. Home to a large portion of the biggest high-tech companies on the planet , Silicon Valley is a place where some of the sharpest minds in the world live and work. This is one of the many reasons we always look forward to bringing our customized team building workshops to the beautiful region known as Silicon Valley.

Needless to say, the tech market in and out of Silicon Valley is intensely competitive, with thousands of brilliant people jockeying for position at the top of the food chain . And while there are times when an individual person makes a significant breakthrough, success in Silicon Valley almost always requires effective leadership and teamwork. This is especially true today – with things like talent and resources being more less equal, only excellent teamwork can separate you from the pack.

Team Building in Silicon Valley

Though it’s surprising to some people, there’s more to Silicon Valley than bleeding edge software and internet moguls. In fact, whether they have an interest in technology or not, most people who are familiar with the region understand how fascinating it can be. Silicon Valley is filled with wonderful indoor and outdoor attractions, many of which have nothing to do with computers, microchips, or big data.

These attractions include The Winchester Mystery House , Coyote Hills Regional Park , and California’s Great America  theme park. The region of Silicon Valley is also home to several amazing museums and several pockets of vibrant nightlife. When you take all this into consideration, it becomes very apparent why the region of Silicon Valley is a destination spot for individuals and companies alike .

It also becomes apparent that your company has to fight tooth and nail for top talent on a daily basis. And this is the exact spot where Magnovo can come on the scene and help. We can help you make your workplace culture much more appealing to your veteran employees and those much­ desired new recruits.

Some fun ideas for Silicon Valley team building downtown or in the surrounding area

Magnovo can facilitate any of these Silicon Valley team building workshops at your conference center downtown or in the surrounding areas:

Corporate training opportunities in the Silicon Valley area

If you’re looking for corporate training and leadership development, we offer many workshops that can be delivered at your chosen location in Silicon Valley and the surrounding area:

Team Building Ideas That Work

Here’s just a cross-section of what Magnovo can do to help you maximize results. The exact skills we teach depend on your firm’s specific needs, but we can help with skills like nuanced communication, creative problem solving, and establish productive interpersonal relationships. In other words, we can help you from the ground up by using the best team building ideas industry to facilitate your company\’s growth.

One of the chief reasons that our team building workshops are so beneficial to companies in Silicon Valley is the emphasis they place on collaboration. It should go without saying that this an incredibly important skill, but it’s easy to forget that productive collaboration doesn’t just happen because you want it to. As you well know, optimizing the results of collaboration requires a great deal of practice, patience, and meticulous planning.

That’s why so many aspects of our team building workshops are designed to facilitate exactly this kind of high-level collaboration. All of our corporate events present challenges to your staff that they can only meet through fine-grained collaboration. When your employees experience the success that collaboration can bring, they be that much more likely to put it into action back at the office.

The Importance of Big Picture Thinking

One of the key parts of the instructions we give during our team building workshops concerns ‘big-picture thinking.’ This is a term that gets thrown around a lot without many people knowing just what it entails. At Magnovo, however, not only do we understand the concept of big-picture thinking, we know how to put into action for you. And you know far better than we do how necessary the big picture is in Silicon Valley.

Far too often, even the most dedicated employees become so focused on the tasks in front of them that they forget about the work others are doing, especially the effects they can have on one another. This can lead to a variety of productivity problems, including redundancies, incompatibility between certain operations, and pervasive inefficiency.

Our workshops help eliminate all this by showing your people firsthand how their work affects everyone else’s. They’ll also see how their daily work becomes much easier when they consider your company as a whole. The results of this are fairly predictable-  once big picture thinking takes hold, there’s practically nothing your team can’t accomplish.

Of course, big picture thinking isn’t the only teamwork skill that your company needs. Nor is it the only one we teach in our workshops. We just wanted to give you a detailed example of what we can do for you in Silicon Valley. In the end, it’s pretty cut and dry – no matter what skills you need  to improve upon, we’d love the chance to put our innovative team building ideas into action for you.