Charity Team Building for a Cause – Why Giving Spells Success

Setting Team Building Goals

When you begin to build a team, your first consideration should be setting team building goals.

Pulling a team together is a definite process that takes time and will cover a number of different stages.

Establish the Team

Team-Building-GoalsThe first step when considering team building goals is to decide on clear objectives and goals. Before your team can continue on, the leader must ensure that the team members become acquainted with each other and are aligned with the goals and purposes of the team. This is also the stage in which you can foster a positive culture and establish beliefs and values for the team. This is also the stage at which you will establish your role as a leader.

Instill Collaboration and Cohesiveness

During the next stage of creating team building goals, you will continue to focus on the aspects of the first step, but also focus more on developing working relationships between team members. This provides an opportunity for team members to work with different members, discuss shared problems, and generate ideas for solving them. This is also a good time to introduce processes to nurture the team building, such as daily meetings or communication strategies. Establish some short-term goals in this stage, and also decide how you will aid your team in reaching milestones and celebrating their achievements.

Determine Processes and Systems

Now that your team members have had experience working together and achieving goals and purposes, you can assess the effectiveness of processes and systems that are in place to determine which ones might help the team to move forward and which ones might be a hindrance. The goal of any team in establishing team building goals is to create the highest achieving team possible. This is the time to increase knowledge in regards to set goals, delegate responsibilities, and encourage innovation and leadership. This is also a good stage at which to let your team set some of its own goals.

The Path to Success

With your team building goals now firmly in place, your team should now be on its way to successfully meeting its goals and fulfilling its purpose. This is a good time for you as a leader to, once again, take a step back and assess what works well and what doesn’t. One key as you continue on to be flexible and consider changes when necessary to ensure your team succeeds.