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SAP Fieldglass Interns Get Busy Building Bikes for Charity in Chicago, IL

SAP Fieldglass is a software company that offers technical solutions to their clients’ workforce needs. So although the work they do is specialized and highly technical, their end products always need to speak to people directly, in an attempt to solve the very human problems they experience in the workplace. And while we don’t know much about software, we do know a thing or two about helping build better work relationships through nuanced communication and teamwork. Doing just this was job number one when we staged a Bike-A-Thon for 25 brand new SAP Fieldglass interns.

SAP FieldglassGetting the Interns Off on The Right Foot

This workshop showed what happens when a great plan meets perfect timing. The interns had only been working at SAP Fieldglass for a few days when they participated in our workshop, a situation we thought was ideal for setting the right kind of teamwork precedent. It’s never too late to learn, but this group got the chance to start off their careers equipped with the wisdom and skills it takes to succeed in today’s highly competitive markets.

Needless to say, these interns had been getting swamped with instruction and knowledge. Our goal was to help them tie it all together in a fun and interactive way. We also wanted them to understand the importance of learning and embracing the roles they’d be playing in the company. By balancing true ownership of their role with a view of the bigger picture, a team member maximizes his or her productivity and finds satisfaction in ways they’d never thought possible. This is the message we wanted to deliver.

The interns were divided into four teams. We started the workshop off with a few of our so-called warm-up games, including Say What I Say, Air Counting, and Quick Draw. We say “so-called” because while these activities might seem like entertaining fun on the surface, they actually prepare participants for the next phase and begin to instill effective teamwork skills in a very quiet way.

SAP Fieldglass and Chicago Youth Programs Were Both Beneficiaries

This was a fantastic group. After the “warm-up” games, they tore into the Bike-A-Thon with a lot of great energy and enthusiasm. Working in both concert and competition with one another, all four teams were able to assemble several wonderful bikes to donate to Chicago Youth Programs, a local organization that does incredible work coordinating the efforts of various children’s foundations.

And as usual, we learned as much as our clients did. Watching those interns begin to gel into a team was incredibly satisfying to us. And judging from the smiles and great comments afterward, the SAP Fieldglass team felt the same way.