San Diego Zoo

San Diego Zoo Inspires Charity Team Building Events’s Stuffed Animal Team Building Workshop

When was the last time giant rodents inspired team building in a stuffed animal workshop?  Sounds strange, but that’s exactly what’s taking place this week at the San Diego Zoo, where a set of four capybara newborns are taking the city by storm with their utter cuteness.

San Diego Zoo Inspires Charity Team Building Events's Stuffed Animal Team Building WorkshopThe newborns are from a species that’s known as the largest rodent in the world, and they originate from South and Central America.  Their habitat is endangered, making them a threatened species due to deforestation, illegal poaching and habitat destruction.

Threatened Capybaras Born Right Here in San Diego Zoo!

It’s wonderful news that four more capybaras entered the world, right here in our own local zoo!  To celebrate, we’re all about the animals here at Charity Team Building Events.  From our Happy Tails charity workshop which benefits local animal shelters, to the symbolic importance of our stuffed animal workshop, the four-legged critters of the world certainly have a presence in our offices and in many of our workshops.

These capybara newborns have captured the hearts and minds of San Diego residents, as well as animal lovers all over the world.  After all, we just can’t help admiring their adorable faces as we watch them swim and play around in the zoo.

Kids Love Animals, Even Stuffed Animals

It just goes to show the strong bond between us and the animal kingdom – one that comes into play with our Rescue Buddies Charity Team Building Workshop.  Participants work together to assemble stuffed animals which are then donated to local first responders.  What do police officers and fire fighters need stuffed animals for, you say?  They give them out to kids in crisis whom they encounter during their work responding to emergencies.

Kids naturally take a shine to animals, and our stuffed animal team building workshop helps the first responders use that bond to calm kids who’ve just suffered trauma.  Donations from this workshop event help these kids, by using that special bond they feel with animals and stuffed animals alike.  The donations are personalized by workshop participants with birth certificates they create for each individual stuffed toy.  Many of these toys go on to become long-lasting “friends” of these kids, thanks to workshop participants and to the first responders who carry these toys in the trunks of their vehicles, just for crisis situations they encounter all too often.

Many thanks to both groups, who come together in our workshops to make the world a little less frightening for the kids of San Diego.