Kaiser Permanente

The San Diego Food Bank Benefits from Kaiser Permanente’s Puttin’ Pantry

Building large teams can be tough for any company. That’s why we were thrilled when Kaiser Permanente invited us to assist them on a team building day for about 100 employees. Our Puttin’ Pantry™ program is a popular and effective solution for bring disparate groups together for a common cause.

Kaiser Permanente Meet and Greet and Get Ready

We met the employees of Kaiser Permanente in San Diego, CA. The San Diego Marriott Marquis and Marina was a great space for the program. We had a ballroom to ourselves and filled it with mini-golf course building supplies, plus pounds and pounds of food pantry donations.

People were understandably a little nervous in beginning. This wasn’t a group used to working together. And, what would we be doing with all of those pool noodles indoors?? But after a few games to get folks warmed up, they were prepared for the main event.

Kaiser Permanente Employees Play to Win

In Puttin’ Pantry™, we divide the group into smaller teams, and each team is responsible for building a mini-golf hole. Sounds easy, right? It might be; if we didn’t give them free reign on design and construction. No instructions here. Just a room full of supplies, like foam pool noodles, boxes of pancake mix, bottled water, cans, and plastic cups.

Participants worked collaboratively to manage the project, create a design, figure out which materials they could use, and carry out the project. Once all the teams completed their mini-golf holes, everyone played a round. The team with the most creative hole ‘won’.

”Fore” the Food Bank

Once the folks from the San Diego Food Bank showed up though, it was clear to all who the real winners were. People were definitely taken aback when they realized just how substantial a donation was being made to the food bank.

What was seen as just building blocks earlier that day was now the meal that would keep a family going. That can of soup would fill the belly of an elderly neighbor, while a box of mac and cheese was going to feed some hungry children before bed.

Puttin’ Pantry™ Puts Food in the Hands of Folks in Need, Thanks to Kaiser Permanente

The employees of Kaiser Permanente many have shown up that morning as individuals but they left at the end of the day as a team. They worked together for the benefit of someone other than themselves. They came away with a new-found respect for each other, and the things they could accomplish when working together.