Salesforce - USO - Rescue Buddies

Salesforce: A Leader in Workplace Giving Trends



Salesforce, a leader in cloud-based technology, is now a forerunner in workplace giving trends. And it’s all done in the spirit of Ohana.

The Hawaiian word Ohana means family and it defines the corporate culture at Salesforce. Considering how the company got its start, that makes perfect sense.

In 1999 a bunch of techno-dweebs crowded into a San Francisco tiny apartment. They were a small band of brothers with a huge idea for a new customer relationship management platform or CRM.

Twenty years later they’re at the top of their field. Salesforce CRM is number one in the world and has revolutionized the software industry. Their now 36,000 employees have helped 150,000 companies operate with greater efficiency and productivity.

The company mantra: We believe everyone can be a Trailblazer, and we’re building the technology to make it happen.

Learning and enablement. Sales. Service. Marketing. Customer engagement. Data integration. Analytics. The Salesforce business model is turnkey. Nonetheless, the corporate culture operates on Ohana mode.

Community spirit leads workplace giving trends

Their heads aren’t in the clouds just because they head the cloud! It’s true that Salesforce is an industry standard-bearer, but amazingly their feet are solidly on the ground.

Family. Unity. Inclusiveness. Community. Accountability. Personal and professional empowerment. The Salesforce culture puts people ahead of profits. And when it

 comes to sustainability and corporate social responsibility their sense of community is on overdrive.

We met 15 members of this exuberant staff at their headquarters in San Francisco for a day of fun-filled teamwork training. Yes, Salesforce is great because they strive to be greater.

Patriotic workplace giving trends  

Salesforce - USO - Rescue Buddies

Part of our training involved a charitable workshop that was right in their wheelhouse. Our Rescue Buddies workshop is one of our most popular events because it help

s traumatized kids.

Workshop participants assemble stuffed bears, birds, and other toys for distribution to kids who’ve survived a life-altering event and need a buddy for emotional support. The Salesforce team made 15 toys for donation to the USO of Illinois.

To Magnovo, honoring the military community should be both heartfelt and tangible! So our Rescue Buddies were presented to the USO of Illinois for their USO Diaper Division, which supports military kids from 0-2 years old.

These precious little ones now have a Rescue Buddy to hold while their parents are deployed. So in the spirit of Ohana the USO, Salesforce, and Magnovo salute our military and their families.