Rolls-Royce Makes Dreams Come True for Kids in Indianapolis, IN

Team members from Rolls-Royce joined for one final event before the New Year, and its impact was felt by employees and local families alike.

Building Bicycles for a Brighter Future in Indianapolis, IN

Engineers and leaders of one of the world’s most beloved luxury automobile makers stepped up to a new challenge of sorts: building bicycles to benefit local children while also achieving company goals.

This team of about 65 participants gathered on a brisk Friday at their downtown Indianapolis location with a full itinerary ahead of them. A group meeting and luncheon were the precursors to the day’s team skills activities. While most groups would languish after a hearty Italian lunch, the entire ensemble had already divided into groups of about five or six members and was primed and ready for fun and games to round out their day.

The Magnovo Bike-a-Thon™ was the central focus of the event. This activity required small groups to play games and answer questions that would earn them the necessary components to complete their bicycles. The team learned they would be donating their completed bikes to Child Advocates, which is a non-profit ministry that caters to children who have been victims of neglect or abuse.

A total of 10 bikes were completed during this event, and were graciously received by Child Advocates representative Mary Sommer. Mary was eager to speak to the group before the day ended, giving them a little background information on their organization to let them know the difference they made that day.

She explained that Child Advocates had helped over 9,000 area children in 2017. The bikes would be a much­ appreciated gesture that would help them provide hope for a few kids in need.

Rolls-Royce Team Day is a Success

This was an attentive, intellectual group, and the Bike-a-Thon™  event was a perfect fit for their corporate culture. They were heavily focused on following the rules and asking questions to ensure they got the best possible outcome to the event.

The games throughout the event, like Flip Cup and Wordles, got this group thinking outside the box. Each activity had them working together, talking, laughing, and building on  new skills and strategies that would carry over well into the new year.

This group was the picture-perfect depiction of why strong teams continue to invest in team building. They proved that even though they’re intelligent and already capable of working together, there’s always something new that can be taken away from each event – especially when they can share those benefits with the community.